... Handmade in America, Bradford Pa to be exact! Made from all renewable American hardwoods! Most major steps done by hand ... the most environmentally friendly guitar ever built! ...

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Each and every instrument regardless of the price range, is built with the highest level of craftsmanship.The total instrument, right from the selection of the woods, all NON-ENDANGERED exotic, (mostly U S hardwoods), to the selection of the parts (mostly USA made, whenever possible) can be custom tailored to each and every customer. My instruments are as American made as possible, however some parts and woods are only available from other countries.

I strive to buy American made parts when available. The woods I use are all local (to the Bradford Pa. area), with the obvious exception being the ebony and rosewoods for the fingerboards.

I am a Luthier (a "builder of stringed instruments"), who has been doing expert instrument repairs (major and minor) since the late 60's from my shop in Neptune City NJ, Asbury Park NJ, and Belmar NJ, Brooklyn NY, Wellsville NY, and Olean NY. Now in Bradford Pa, I do major and minor Instrument Repair, as I am a full fledged luthier. I also re-hair bows and repair all the violin family stringed instruments.

Since I have been in the business (building guitars for over 30 years!), I have always opposed companies who pay "endorsers" to play their instruments. I am also against, trying to induce somebody to play my instruments because somebody (else) important, famous, and/or an exceptional musician plays one. I choose to sell my instruments one at a time, as they are built, to those who can appreciate each instrument for what it is. I don't want customers to buy my instruments because a famous musician plays one, but rather buy one because it's the best built, best feeling, best sounding instrument you ever played!

I hand build each and every instrument to make YOU sound, and play better!

As an environmentalist, I make every effort to produce these instruments to be the most environmentally friendly instruments produced in the USA! From using hand (non-powered) tools as much as is possible to the application of the water-borne, environmentally friendly finishes. And as always, I use as many American designed and made components as I can do practically.

John Stoneman Luthier/Master-craftsman













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I have over 30 years of experiance refinishing, repairing and restoring all types of stringed instruments.

Some of the instruments include, but are not limited to the: ELECTRIC GUITAR AND BASS, LAP STEEL GUITAR, DOBRO GUITAR, BANJO, ACOUSTIC BASS GUITAR, UPRIGHT BASS, ACOUSTIC GUITAR, ACOUSTIC MANDOLIN, ELECTRIC MANDOLIN, DULCIMER, VIOLIN, CELLO, HARPSICORD, as well as others. As a luthier I have also built most of the instruments above.

I have over 30 years of experiance repairing instruments and over 20 years of experiance building the some of the finest electric guitars and basses available! All repairs are done as fast as possible, and my turn around time is often the fastest available! All instruments are handled with the highest care possible. I have always provided a fast and affordable service to all working musicians.

Being a full fledged Luthier, I am always available to do all levels of repair, from setups and restrings to full rebuilds and restorations. I also specialize in RF shielding for recording artists.

Fret work has always been on of my specialties, as I've done thousands of fret jobs.

Another specialty of mine is inlaying custom inlays of Mother of Pearl, Abalone, gold or silver, (your design or mine). I can thin necks; repair cracks in acoustic instruments; replace broken peghaeads; replace fingerboards; and do all levels of electronic repairs and customizations.

My rates are very resonable.

contact me by e-mail at stony99@verizon.net for a free quote on repairing your instrument.

Wrights Music Shed

If you would like your instrument repaired by me, you can bring your instrument for repair to Wrights Music Shed in downtown Bradford. Wrights has some Saturday Hours, you can call them to find out their hours at 368-5399.

Stoneman Backpack/Hiker Mandolin


This is a brand new travel style Mandolin built by Stoneman Guitars, in Bradford Pa.

It's got an American Black Cherry neck, sides and back and a Norway Spruce top (grown in Bradford Pa.).

The bridge is Macasar Ebony (Imported).

It's got 4 strings and 17 frets. It's light, and easy to play. It's finished with a thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

The scale length is 14".

The neck width is 1 1/4"at the nut, and 1 1/2" at the end of the fingerboard. It's got a very spacious, easy to play fingerboard, and being only four strings (same notes as a standard mandolin and violin), there is plenty of room to pick.

This will easily fit in your desk drawer, locker, backpack, or under your car or truck seat. Or in your back bicycle jersey pocket! (I mountain bike with mine!)

It's got a nice, soft balanced sound for playing at camp around the campfire. You can put it in your back pocket and take on a bicycle ride with you.

It's designed to be quit, small, simple, and rugged! A great gift for the musician you know.

This would be a perfect instrument for a child or young adult to learn Mandolin on!

I ship these by priority mail for a flat rate of $15 shipping and handling.

Feedback from the last one I sold on ebay:

"Super nice seller/builder, very solid little travel mando with a lovely sound!A+" (sazapins)

- The list price is $250.00 -

Regular direct sale price is $124.00, but as an "INTERNET SPECIAL" the price is only $99.00 with free shipping!

When I'm not building world class musical instruments, you can find me hiking with the Allegheny Outdoor Adventure Group: