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... Here is the most serious glass jar Hydrogen Electrolyzer Boosters ever built! ...

The Super Snake 1

Here is the most serious glass jar hydrogen electrolyzer boosters ever built! ....Barr none!

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This unit, like nearly all glass jar hydrogen electrolyzers you might find on the internet, or for sale on e-bay, has an almost unbelievable Hydrogen Oxygen Gas output!

Like ALL glass jar "boosters", IF you can get the gas to come out (nearly ALL the lids do not seal properly), it produces about .03 liters of hydrogen and oxygen gas per minute!

THAT's NEARLY .18 liters per minute of gas production!

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Most Baking Soda, Glass Jar Electrolyzer Booster salesman are too embarrassed to talk about actual Hydrogen/Oxygen Gas production ... But I'm not!


I've built nearly every single version of a glass jar, baking soda booster known to exist and bench tested them all!

They all seem to have an output of between .03 and .3 liters of Hydrogen Oxygen Gas per minute. If you foolishly use Baking Soda or a variation of Baking Soda that might be marketed under a proprietary name (at great expense) you may get a "bonus" unknown by-product output, other than just Hydrogen and Oxygen.

This unit does only produce .03 liters per minute, but hey, it's not much less volume wise than the "wire wound units" that may produce from .03 to .3 liters per min. of undetermined "bubbles". NOTE: I highly recommend you NEVER put Baking Soda in a glass jar booster. In fact, I recommend you put nothing but food in a glass jar!

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This booster has a real metal cap, so it won't instantly start to melt like all those other "glass jar boosters" you will waste your money on, found on internet sites or e-bay!

The soft white plastic lids commonly found on glass jar boosters, start melting as soon as the booster gets a little hot, sometimes in just a few minutes of use.

The jar is glass, and is likely to break at some point, BUT WON'T THEY ALL?

BUT, THIS booster has a snake on it ! ... Built right in as an integral part of the "system" ... How cool is that?

AND if that is not enough ... It gets better!


And just look at the fearsome SNAKE FANGS!


  • 316L Stainless Steel Anode and Cathode
  • Insulated Electrodes
  • Heavy Duty Wires
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • High and Low Electrolyte Level Markers
  • Kerr brand Glass Jar
  • Ball brand Metal Lid
  • Nylon 3/8" Nipple (I love saying "nipple" in the proper context)
  • Snake is Heavy Chrome Plated
  • AND .03 Liters per minute of gas production







    A glass Mason Jar = $.89
    A plastic lid = $.29
    2 1/4-20 stainless bolts = $.30
    6 1/4-20 stainless nuts = $.60
    4 1/4-20 stainless washers = $.20
    2 strips of stainless for electrodes = $1.25
    2 strips of heat shrink tubing = $.50
    1 nylon 3/8" nipple = $.79
    6 feet of 3/8" plastic tubing = $.60
    ? a few tablespoons of baking soda = $.10

    The look on the face of those selling these "glass Jar Boosters" on e-bay for
    upward of $50.00 when I post my add, including this detailed material cost list-

    Informing the public what a blatant rip-off these glass jar boosters are by
    describing their performance honestly, and accurately- PRICELESS!
    For the exact cost of materials for the "Super Snake" add $.05 for wire, $.89
    for the wire loop ends (connectors) and $2.00 for the "Reese Snake trailer hitch
    decoration" (real steel and chrome), unused, in the original box, at a yard sale

    Quieting my wifes ragging after suffering all week long, when she asked in her
    usual fashion, "what the heck are you going to do with that stupid snake, we
    don't even have trailer hitches on any of our cars"? - PRICELESS!

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