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... Here is my page about "Water Power" or Hydrogen/Oxygen Gas for fuel! ... I built several "Hydrogen Electrolyzers" and have one installed in my car for partially running it on WATER! A true WATER Powered Hybird! ...

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Here are some of our Hydrogen Oxygen Gas projects we are working on. Sorta a sneak peak into our shop and hydrogen experimenting.













My Co-Axial, Single Cell Electrolyzer

This is one of my first high production electrolyzers. I designed and built it just to produce a lot of gas, to use as a demonstration tool. To "fill balloons" or demonstrate by blowing Hydrogen Oxygen Gas through a tube and igniting the bubbles to show how explosive the gas is. It works very good, but since it's a 12 volt cell, it heats up and can't be ran for too long.

The thick walled stainless steel tubes


Co-axial design separated by nylon screws


The assembled co-axial assembly


Just before final assembly into 1 1/2" PVC pipe



And here is a Youtube video of it's production:

Here is my Solar Powered Electrolyzer

Like the Co-Axial Single Cell, I built this to demonstrate how simple and easy it is to build an Electrolyzer and how FREE the energy can be.

I start with the empty jar with two strips of Stainless Steel for electrodes or more precisely, a "Cathode" and an "Anode" (the Plus and Minus terminals).

Then I add common water. When I'm outside, I use some creek or lake water. Then I take a stick and dip it in my car battery and drip about three drops of sulphuric acid into the jar for the electrolyte (JUST for this demonstration).

That's it! With the solar panel exposed to the sun or bright clouds, it separates the Hydrogen and Oxygen from the water! ... It's just THAT simple!

A quick and easy demonstration on "Free Energy"!

Powered by a "solar driveway light" solar panel, very low powered!


Just two pieces of Stainless Steel in a jar ... How simple can you get?



Thinner plates than a smack booster, but they are a better grade stainless steel (316L)


And I used a solid stainless steel bolt insulated with nylon bushings for a better "squeeze" or electrical connection



My Hydrogen Electrolyzer to use water to run my car:

And this is my latest version of a Hydrogen Electrolyzer:

This design is basically a "Smack Booster" put into a different housing. It's smaller, but easier to mount. It make a very clean, simple design.

I use this as a demonstration tool to show how easy water is split into Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas. I call this my "HOG" for Hydrogen Oxygen Gas. I may replicate these to sell some time in the future.

This would probably be a nice design for a demonstration unit due to it's smaller size, simple, clean appearalce and it's solid mounting plate.

I love the clean look of this housing- what is supposed to be a water filter!


A "standard step gap, smack designed" plate arrangement


Note the electrodes through the side and the water level indicator




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