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... Here is my page about "Water Power" or Hydrogen/Oxygen Gas for fuel! ... I built several "Hydrogen Electrolyzers" and have one installed in my car for partially running it on WATER! A true WATER Powered Hybird! ...

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Water Power is here!

Well, let me restate that, I don't mean water power like in a water wheel that ran many local mills in the late 1800's ! I mean separating Hydrogen from Oxygen as in H2O and burning the Hydrogen.  And either "throwing out" the Oxygen or using it to enhance the burning of the Hydrogen.  Since we start with water (H2O) and use the Hydrogen and Oxygen, I call that "Water Power"!

I have been interested in hydrogen power (as water) since the early 1980's. That is when at least two different inventors came up with two different ways to run a car on water. The devices are very inexpensive and technically simple. There is no good reason why all our cars are not water powered, or we can not heat our homes with water, or the hydrogen and oxygen derived from water.

Those selling us power, whether it's fuel for our cars, fuel to heat our homes or electric to power our lives, all have everything to loose when we are "on water" as a power source. Think about that for a second. If all our cars, home and anything of power in our lives are powered by common, tap water, imagine how much money would not be spent on electric, gas, diesel, home heating and etc. We are talking about TRILLIONS of dollars.

Our lives and our economy will be significantly changed! For most of us for the better!

Separating the elements Hydrogen and Oxygen was a grade school science class experiment in the 1930's and 1940's! The fuel and power industries try to confuse and demonize the water power movement. IF we all use water to power our cars or to heat and power our homes ... THEY can't charge us for anything anymore! Their best hope is to produce Hydrogen gas themselves and sell it to us!

That requires them to compress the hydrogen and put it into cylinders. So our cars will be rolling Hydrogen Bombs! BUT the safest way to use water as fuel, is to separate it just before burning!

As water, Hydrogen bonded to Oxygen is very safe! Hydrogen as a gas is VERY dangerous! It's a VERY powerful, explosive gas! THAT is one reason it's so good as a power source. When you burn Hydrogen gas, it re-bonds with free Oxygen and re-forms water!

It re-cycles itself!

If you want to learn more you can do an internet search on such topics as " hydrogen generator " or " Hydrogen Power ". You might be amazed how many people, counties and industries are using Hydrogen already!

Be aware the oil, fuel and power (electric) industries all have propaganda out there discounting the use of Hydrogen as a fuel. Follow the money and use your judgment to sort the real information from the distractors and their mis-information!

"Water Power" technology has been with us for over a hundred years! Hydrogen was discovered by Henry Cavendish in London, England in 1766 (Zint). Unlike many new ideas for displacing oil, like cold fusion which rely on unproven future technology, hydrogen relies on centuries old proven technology. Which has passed the scrutiny of time.

Hydrogen can run virtually every application where other fuels are used today. Basically anything that operates on a flame like a gas stove, or anything that operates on a explosion like a internal combustion engine, anything that runs off electricity or could be run by a battery, done through a fuel cell, or anything else that doesn't fit into those three categories. Hydrogen can truly run anything that consumes energy of any kind, in any shape or form.

Solar gensets hold the worlds record for converting solar energy to electricity (McAlister). Using this method a relatively small area of land could manufacture enough Solar-Hydrogen to supply the entire energy requirements for the United States.

According to a study funded by Saudi Arabia ,even if less efficient photovoltaic cells were used, a relatively small area of land could displace all their oil exports (Phoenix Project).

No matter what the method, the fact remains, hydrogen is the key to a bright future creating a renewable, self-sufficient resource that will one day in the near future make oil obsolete.

Hydrogen has the highest energy to weight ratio, NASA has used it as a rocket fuel since the 1940's. Most people don't notice it, but if you watch a shuttle lift off you can see that the three rockets attached to the shuttle its self have a light blue almost clear flame, that is the on board hydrogen rocket. NASA also uses hydrogen for it's primary fuel while out in space.

In general, the devise that is used to separate water into it's basic elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen is called an "electrolyzer". The Navy has been using electrolyzers for their submarines to make oxygen for long missions; they would turn on the Diesel engines, and turn the sea water into hydrogen and oxygen.

In fact the American Hydrogen Association has one of the original electrolyzers from a submarine. It is still fully functional today, and has over one hundred million life support hours to its credit since 1955, as a oxygen generator for submarines and NATO (ElectroChemistry & Fuel Cell Class Video).

When most people think of alternative renewable energy they think of the electric car. You charge it for three hours and only get a fifty mile range. It's slow, small, uncomfortable, and batteries need replacement every twelve months.

With hydrogen you don't have to give up any of your luxury. In fact, hydrogen is more powerful than gasoline. Liquid Hydrogen has a BTU (British Thermal Unit) of 60,000 per pound where as gasoline has a BTU of 18,000 per pound. Which means that hydrogen is lighter and more powerful, it can go further for it's weight. Hydrogen has many practical uses, for example, you can easily convert any combustion engine to run on hydrogen. Hydrogen can be used as a cooking fuel, to heat your home, drive your car, and mow your lawn.

Hydrogen can run your generator and run the electricity for your home. With the addition of a fuel cell, hydrogen can be turned back to electricity to run your computer, your lights. It can be used in place of electricity, in place of gasoline, and in place or propane or natural gas. It can be used to suit all the worlds power needs.

Unlike with so many things, which only the rich more developed countries, can afford. Hydrogen can power any country where the sun shines. "Shifting to hydrogen is not a question of whether, but when".

The air that comes out of the exhaust pipe of a combustion engine running off hydrogen is cleaner than it was when it went in, called "minus emissions."

Engine oil remains clean for a extended period of time, because there is no sulfur or carbon compounds to degrade the oil. Engines using hydrogen will last much longer and start faster in any weather. Existing cars could be converted to run on hydrogen, in fact introducing a small amount of hydrogen two to five percent into internal combustion engines that currently run off gasoline, diesel, or natural gas increases the efficiency, improves gas, mileage and reduces pollutants quite remarkably (McAlister).

"I believe that water will one day be employed as fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen will constitute it, used singly or together, will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light" - Jules Verne.

Hydrogen can be produced form water, sewage, garbage, landfills, agricultural biomass, paper product waste and many methods. Hydrogen is naturally produced by plants and is colorless, odorless tasteless and nontoxic. We now fully understand hydrogen for what it is.

Hydrogen is the key to a bright future creating a renewable, self-sufficient recourse that will one day in the near future make oil obsolete. We have seen how hydrogen, when produced efficiently to its full potential, is able to compete with oil in a global market, at a fraction of the price.

Hydrogen truly is the perfect fuel, the fuel that brought us to the moon, the fuel that will save us from our own destruction, the fuel that will guide us through the twenty-first century and beyond, for as long as the sun continues to shine, and there is someone willing to reap its treasure.

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