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... Here is my page about "Water Power" or Hydrogen/Oxygen Gas for fuel! ... Hydrogen is the fuel of the future, for both motor vehicles and home heating ...

H2O Start Here! FAQ

  • What is Hydrogen/Oxygen Gas? It is the mixed gas that is made when you split water or H2O into it's molecular parts with an electrolyzer. It's also called "Hydroxy", "H.H.O.", "Brown's or Brown Gas", and "E-Gas", among others.
  • What is an electrolyzer? A devise used to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas, usually involving an Anode and Cathode, and electrical current and an electrolyte.
  • What is an electrolyte? An electrical conductive medium that facilitates the electrical connection between the Anode and Cathode in an electrolyzer.
  • What is a Hydrogen Booster? It's a devise (electrolyzer) that produces Hydrogen/Oxygen Gas to be burned in an engine.
  • Can I make a Hydrogen electrolyzer? Yes, there are kits available and there are plans available on the internet.
  • Do the "Glass Jar" electrolyzers work? The glass jar boosters work VERY poorly! The best I have built (for test pourposes) produce only about .03 liters of "bubbles" per minute. It's debatable whether they produce Hydrogen/Oxygen Gas. There are may scams out there selling "jar boosters" for cars and trucks. Beware! Insist on getting a guarrentee on the gas production before you buy any Hydrogen Electrolyzer.
  • What is a Baking Soda Booster? Some people are selling glass jars filled with plastic, wire and baking soda and passing them off as working Hydrogen Electrolyzer "Boosters" for cars and trucks! BEWARE! Baking Soda is NOT an acceptable electrolyte! Please read my "electrolyte" page in it's entirety!Despite the claims for great increases in your gas mileage, these so called "boosters" do not work!
  • What about these systems that sell for around or over $1000.00? BE CAREFUL! There are a few that are good, and some that are BAD! Always get the company to tell you a guarrenteed Gas production. Some of the very expensive systems out there get less than one liter per minute! And it's more probably you will get NO increase in gas mileage if you put a Hydrogen Elelctrolyzer Booster on your car/truck. In most cases the increase is imagined or due to other causes.
  • What are the best electrolytes? In my humble opinion, the best electrolytes are either potassium hydroxide (KOH) or sodium hydroxide (NaOH). They act as catalysts and do not get consumed during electrolysis. Sulphuric acid (battery acid), baking soda, and salt will damage your electrolyzer, and/or produce harmful gas (SOME DEADLY!), and are consumed during electrolysis.


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