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... Here is my page about "Water Power" or Hydrogen/Oxygen Gas for fuel! ... I built several "Hydrogen Electrolyzers" for demonstration pourposes...

Water Powered Cars

Despite all the rumors to the contrary, and ALL the hype you might see on the internet, there is NO "water powered car" as of yet! Those listed below used a LOT of "extra" external power to produce Hydrogen/Oxygen Gas to run a car, often for just a few seconds in a controlled lab situation.

Nobody, but nobody is driving around out there in a water powered car today.


There are only a dozen people (living) that have claimed to run an Internal Combustion Engine on e-gas.

The following claim to have run internal combustion engines on e-gas:

Bob Boyce Idled his car at 60 MPH with the rear wheels jacked off the ground on self produced e-gas
Donald Brisbie (A friend of Herman Anderson) Idled his Ford Pickup Truck on on board produced e-gas
Willard and Jack for 12 to 14 seconds Ran a 50 cc Honda generator at full load
Bill Williams Idled For 6 minutes
Ronald ran for up to 5 minutes once but mostly under one minute
Peter Lowrie  17 minutes (According to Mark Dansie this was the only time he ran it successfully)
Walt Hofmann Ran a 5 horsepower grass edger for a 2 seconds at a time from 14 volts at 18 Amps
Ron in San Jose
Tero Ranta ran for 10 seconds on e-gas produced over a 1 minute period
Daniel Voss ran V8  idling at 2000 RPM on 285 liters per minute produced by external power
Alihue Sheppard of Clay city (A friend of James Allen) Ran a small AC generator off of e-gas
Paul Zigouras Produced 150 horsepower by use of a series of his cells in the intake manifold


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