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Dana Heights Cave

The Dana Heights Hole Cave

Saturday Oct 9th 2004
We went to "The Dana Heights Cave". As you may be able to guess, it's a "pit hole" cave. It's just a sink hole not near any rocks, or large rock outcropping like at Rim Rock. This one looks like a hand dug well. It drops down about 8' to a "landing" or room, and then there is passage going two ways, North and South.

Here is what I have written about it in my cave log book:

I found out about the hole from an "old-timer". I was told that it was a hole in the ground that he and his buddies would climb down into. He said it would fit about 6 guys. When they worked in the area (Logging? Oil?) he said they would go down there in the cold weather to eat lunch. He said they did this back in the 1940's.

When I first visited this cave, there was old rotting lumber around the opening, that may have been a cover for many years (to keep the local kids out). There is about 216 feet of mapped cave here, with the possibility of at least 200' more, and possible additional passage.

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