Bear Lake Injection Wells-

Bear Lake Pa. The wells are proposed Marcellus Shale Wastewater or Fracking Wastewater, that will inject Marcellus Gas fracking fluids into abandon Gas Wells in Bear Lake Pa.

Bear Lake Injection Well Protest

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Here is a great story about the Injection Wells in Bear Lake Pa.

It also talks about Tamarack Swamp and it's importance.

Here is a news story about the Bear Lake protest:

And here is a report from Warren:

My trip to Bear Lake Pa.

The two newest per­mit­ted Injec­tion wells (also called brine dis­posal wells) in Pennsylvania are oper­ated by Bear Lake Properties, LLC in War­ren County. Bear Lake Properties President is Karl Kimmich. Local res­i­dents have chal­lenged those per­mits and they’re cur­rently under review. Bear Lake Properties, was permitted last June to inject fracking water into the Medina Formation (depth between 4,200 and 4,300 feet). The drillers use injec­tion wells to dis­pose of fracking waste water, that has a high salt and chem­i­cal con­tent, and contains heavy met­als, and radioac­tive mate­r­ial.

On Sunday, September 16th, 2012 I took a trip to Bear Lake Pa, in Warren County to see the site of the proposed Bear Lake Injection Wells for myself. I wanted to see where they were and how close to people the proposed wells are located.

Actually, I was surprised how close to homes and farms the wells are located. The most depressing fact is that they are "just up the hill a little way" from the very beautiful Tamarack Swamp.

The Tama­rack Swamp is just below or adjacent to the proposed injection well site. What I call a toxic chemical dump. Make that toxic and radioactive chemical dump! Tama­rack Swamp is a rare, white-pine glacial swamp. Accord­ing to James Bis­sell, a botanist at the Cleve­land Museum of Nat­ural His­tory, The swamp contains rare and endan­gered orchids, birds, and drag­on­flies, and is the head­wa­ters for the Bro­ken­straw Creek, which empties into the Allegheny River.

Among the closest homes to the proposed injection wells is a home right across the street (in NY State) heading north, and then just across the street heading east, is an Amish family. There are children just across the street from the dump site in two directions!

There are two dented and rusty looking tanks on the property that some tell me will hold the poison chemicals until they are injected.

Another issue will be the heavy truck traffic on the narrow, winding rural roads that lead to the dump site. There are many Amish in the area and many farms. They do not mix well with "hopped up", impatient, overworked, young frack truck drivers, driving big heavy trucks hauling toxic and radioactive chemicals! God bless the poor Amish. And the poor town folks who will suffer greatly when the truck start rolling through town! Just Google "frack truck accident" or "frac truck accident" if you have any doubts. "Frac truck accident" will yield about two million hits! The truck drivers are mostly young, impatient, overworked, angry and "on something that helps them work long hours"!

Enter the emergency responders! Who may not be fully capable of handing a spill or spills of this nature! GOD only knows what will be in these trucks! And in what concentrations! (Google "H2S" for an education!)

I was impressed when I saw so many "anti-injection well" signs all over town. It's also pretty impressive that so many people came out for the protest they had a while back! And I talked to some really great people in Bear Lake! Good, decent, caring individuals who care about their town and the health of their residents ..... AND CHILDREN!

I'm asking all my friends and associates to please help these people out if you can! Contact your Representative and tell them we don't want fracking waste water dumped down a hole in Bear Lake or ANYPLACE in Pa! Tell the drillers "don't produce this poison if you can't dispose of it properly"!

MORE TO COME SOON ....... tell your friends about this page! And watch it grow! I will be involved in this until the final outcome ......



Bear Lake Marcellus Wastewater Injection Wells

On the way to Bear Lake Pa!

What may be in store for the future!

Lion or "Lyin'"?

Entering Bear Lake

The first anti-dump sign we saw

We saw many signs in town!

Many different signs!

Residents from all political backgrounds oppose the Injection Wells!

Gloria, John, and Janet

Great signage!

"Regular people" wanting to protect their quiet town

Nearly everybody in town is on board ....

... Even the first responders who may be most at risk!

There are many Amish in the area, how well will they fair against non-stop, heavy, speeding tank trucks filled with poisonous and radioactive chemicals?

Now here is a plethora of signs!

Each one unique!

Most of the signs are hand made- a true grass roots movement!

I couldn't help but notice how well kept some of the properties are

The swamp and the game lands will be changed forever if this Injection Well is allowed to operate

I'm told this is a spring fed swamp!

Some people just want to vote Corbett out of office, while others, myself included would like to see him get some well deserved jail time!

These really are old wells they want to put the poisons down!

..... to jail!

What will be left? Homes will be worthless!

Lion and Lyin' are interchangeable!

It seems the EPA and the DEP are bought and paid for!

The Tamarack Swamp in the background .... teaming with wildlife

This is the main well site

Tamarack Swamp is just down the hill in the background

One of many abandon (and unplugged!) wells!

Two dented and rusty storage tanks I'm told they plan to use

This is another entrance to the Injection Wells, note another abandon and unplugged well just above the car headlight


This well is in Pa, but just barely! The other side of the narrow dirt road is NY state!

Another view of the main site

This is just too ironic! It would be funny if it were not sad! "Do not litter". Putting poisons and radioactive materials into the ground, and ultimately into the water table is OK, but littering is against the law!

I wish it were that easy!

I really wish it was THAT easy!

Tamarack Swamp! A real national treasure!

Looks good on paper! How rusty do you think that pipe is considering it was put in in 1987 and it goes through a "salt zone"?

..... Just because it says something .....

I measured the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in Tamarack Swamp at a very low 28PPM! What a shame if this were to change!

Bear lake- Rolling farms and pristine forests!

Federal Environmental Review Board Rejects Warren County Disposal Well Permit (State Impact NPR)

From the link:

Federal Environmental Review Board Rejects Warren County Disposal Well Permit

July 2, 2012 | 6:45 PM
By Susan Phillips

The fed­eral Envi­ron­men­tal Appeals Board has told EPA, Region 3, they must redo their analy­sis regard­ing pro­posed frack water dis­posal wells in War­ren County. The EPA had granted a per­mit to Bear Lake Prop­er­ties to con­vert two for­mer nat­ural gas wells into dis­posal wells. The pro­posal would send the waste water from nat­ural gas drilling oper­a­tions back down into a for­ma­tion called the Med­ina Whirlpool Sands. Only five such dis­posal wells exist in Penn­syl­va­nia. But two res­i­dents of the area filed an appeal to the Board. Bill Peif­fer and Tom Stroup filed a peti­tion for review regard­ing six issues. The Board rejected all but one.

In its deci­sion, released on Mon­day, the Board said EPA offi­cials with Region 3, based in Philadel­phia, did an inad­e­quate job in sur­vey­ing the drink­ing water wells in the area. After a pub­lic com­ment period, the EPA heard from res­i­dents who named addi­tional drink­ing water wells that were not listed in Bear Lake Prop­er­ties’ orig­i­nal appli­ca­tion. The EPA told the com­pany to redo the assess­ment. But the appeals board agreed with peti­tion­ers Peif­fer and Stroup, say­ing the two stud­ies revealed incon­sis­ten­cies and raised sig­nif­i­cant ques­tions about the integrity of the EPA’s analysis.

The board rejected all of the other issues, includ­ing the peti­tion­ers’ claim of about 70 undoc­u­mented aban­doned wells in the area that could serve as con­duits for the frack water to pol­lute drink­ing water sup­plies. The Board con­cluded that the EPA has com­plied with the reg­u­la­tions regard­ing pres­sure and mon­i­tor­ing require­ments at the well­head, which they say would pre­vent migra­tion of fluid up any unknown aban­doned well.

“EPA has also required in the pro­posed per­mits mon­i­tor­ing of the fluid level in the injec­tion zone dur­ing injec­tion oper­a­tions to ensure that pres­sure cre­ated by the injec­tion oper­a­tion will not cause migra­tion of fluid up aban­doned wells that could exist. By mon­i­tor­ing fluid level, and mak­ing sure that it remains safely below the low­er­most USDW, then even if an aban­doned well were to exist ( i.e., a well that might have been drilled in the past with­out hav­ing infor­ma­tion of pub­lic record), the mon­i­tor­ing would detect and pre­vent fluid migra­tion into the low­er­most USDW.”

The wells sit near the Tama­rack Swamp, in North­west­ern Penn­syl­va­nia, just across from the New York state bor­der. Bill Peif­fer and Tom Stroup are con­cerned that the dis­posal wells will pol­lute the swamp and drink­ing water supplies.

The deci­sion means EPA Region 3 needs to revisit the per­mit, con­duct a new assess­ment of the drink­ing water wells in the area, and open up the per­mits to a new pub­lic com­ment period.

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