Stony and Company Band


Stony and Company is a "band" I put together to write and perform protest songs. Mostly protest songs that are anti-drilling or anti-big oil. But we also do some human rights protest songs.

Our band continues to change and grow as time goes on! I enjoy playing and singing with different artists and musicians, so the lineup may include many different "guest musicians".

Here are some photos of us performing, as well as links to some Youtube videos of our performances at different venues.

We are available to perform at indoor and outdoor anti-fracking protests!

"Stony and Company" started out as just "Stony".

John Stoneman- guitar, song writer, and singer.

Here is the song "This Land Was Our Land":

This is just me on guitar and vocals

Here is "Paradise Lost" also accompanied by Denise Drummond and Howard Blumenthal

This song is dedicated to a fellow protester Joe Martin who passed away the day I wrote this! I call it "Paradise Lost" or "Joe's Song".

The second incarnation of the band was with Christine H. We played protests in Oil City (Fracking Words) and State College for Marcellus Protest 2011.

Christine and I in Oil City preforming at "Fracking Words"

Christine and I in State College (Marcellus Protest 2011)

This is our whole "short set" of environmental songs we did in State College

In September 2011 Christine and I played the Allegheny Defense Projects Annual Fall Gathering

Playing for the ADP at Tracy Ridge Campground

The next and current configuration of "Stony and Company" was/is with Joann H and I. When we record we are also joined by a very talented young girl name Amy Priest. And sometimes we are joined on guitar by Sam Priest and on drums by Jim Copeland.

The "full band" at this time would be John, Joann, Amy, Sam and Jimmy. But mostly it's just John and Joann that go to the protests!

Our song about seismic testing!

"Thumpin'" the seismic testing song! Perhaps the first and only song written about seismic testing!

For What It's Worth- With Amy and Sam!

I love Sam's lead guitar on this song!

This is just Joann singing "Joe Hill" in the studio (W/John finger picking guitar)

John and Joann both singing "Joe Hill" in State College for the Sierra Club

We played the "Wild and Scenic film fest" at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. The band was John, Joann and Amy. Both girls sang, played tambourine, and some maracas.

We played before and after the films

Must be a quite part

Come on Down

Pay Me My Money Down

Chimes of Freedom

Feelin' Alright

"Stony and Company" - John and Joann Playing for the Heartwood Forest Council- Memorial Day Weekend 2012.

John and Joann doing "Joe's Song"

Beverly, Joann and John

Joann and John joined by some guest singers

My most recent "jam" was with my grandson Maddox, who raps about fishing while his grandpa sings old folk songs!

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Here are the lyrics to our environmental protest songs:

Thumpin' our song about seismic testing!
"Come On Down" our "pro-drilling song"!
This Land WAS Our Land ... But now it's GASLAND!
Paradise Lost! Updating the John Prine song

We are available to perform at indoor and outdoor anti-fracking protests!


All text and photos on this page © John V Stoneman