SoE Headquarters

Hello fellow clan members! I have decided to shut down all the SoE gaming clans for good. SoE Has now become GoS, and I am no longer the leader(The GoS clan was first a part of the SoE alliance, but since they've been accomplishing more on their clan than we have, I decided to make them the head honcho). It was fun working with all of you, and I am going to miss yall.I have now begun a new project, An online multiplayer magazine(totally interactive), and I will be spending most time on that. The url will soon be posted here. If you would like to join up with GoS, go to their web site by clicking here. And here is my final Goodbye. In the words of the great Obi_wan1:

"We Will Conquer, We Will Prevail, We Will Destroy All Who Interfere in our Path..."

MasterJon(a.k.a. Ness14)

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