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Rescue For English Springer Spaniels

Janelle M. Krusper
Adoption Counselor for ESRA
(English Springer Rescue America)

North Huntingdon, PA 15642
phone: (724) 864-3140

Welcome to my rescue page for English Springer Spaniels. My love for the English Springers started with my first rescue 4 years ago. "Max" was to be a Cocker Spaniel when I got the call, but what a surprise when I got to the home. He was a happy puppy and I fell in love instantly. I thought I would go out of my mind trying to get him adjusted to a family life. I was his third owner in 10 months and he had been physically abused by the first owner and chained up in the dark in the basement by the second owner. No socialization at all!!!! I almost called it quits after a week, but I hung in there and I am glad I did. The turning point in my life, to honor "Max" going to The Rainbow Bridge, was reaching out and helping other English Springer Spaniels who desperately need the chance for a better life.

Dogs are tossed out on the street when they get too old, too sickly, when that new member of the family comes and on and on. The reasons are numerous and the dog is left to suffer. I am active in transport/rescue/fostering. I have opened my heart to other breeds as well, but my main focus is on the wonderful, loving, and intelligent English Springer Spaniels.

The picture above is "Fletcher" who was my foster dog for awhile until I adopted him myself. Fletcher is 2 and he was no longer wanted, so he was dumped at a shelter. The previous owner did not keep him up to date on preventative heartworm treatment, and he was heartworm positive. Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue sprung him from his kennel and found a foster home... ME! This wonderful rescue paid for his treatment and he is on his way to a great and healthy life he deserves.

Here is a list and photos of Adoptable English Springer Spaniels!

If you can open you heart and home to a loving bundle of joy, please go to: Rescue Links and check out the info this site has.