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I dont know what to write here.

Hi, my name is Ryan and I surely hope you enjoyed yourself at "~!RyAnS pLaCe!~". I hope you tell your friends and relatives to visit my great site! If you have any suggestions to make my page better, please E-Mail me at---! If you have "America Online" then you can reach me at -SargentBig-.I hope to here suggestions from all you great people who visited this lovely site! Well, hope to hear from you soon! And as always, Thanks for visiting "~!RyAnS pLaCe!~"! Thanks again! Hey Emmy!! here is your special part in my webpage--- I don't know what to write since you won't give me any ideas... But I still like the whipped cream bikini idea,and the whips and chains, and handcuffs, our own lil secret, eh? =o) Love ya...RYAN~#23