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Russell and his '68 AMC Ambassaddor

Ambassador at the Walmart Cruise...

Same place, different angle.

Viva Ambassador!

Check out this wild interior.

Name: Russ "Da' Bus" Mary, a.k.a "PIMP"

Age: 19

Status: Pimp

Car description: '68 AMC Ambassador DPL 4-door. Metallic silver with turquoise soft top and matching interior. Stock 343 2-barrel with a Detroit locker rear end.

Future plans for the car: Headers, slicks, paint job, and eventually (heh heh heh), a blower - who would have thought?

Started cruising/racing: Crusing in Y2K, never raced yet.

Best time: NA

Top speed: I don't want to embarass anyone....

Best light: Green

Accomplishments: Purchasing both AMC's for $600 bones.

Parts needed: '68 DPL trim, Matador turquois or blue leather buckets, headers.

Parts for sale: '68 Ambassador parts car in my back lemme know, I'll get ya what I got.