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SO U DARE TO ENTER MY WORLD,again? THE WORLD OF THE ZIPPOBOY !!! Well fine, come in if u like look around and don't touch anything. 4 I am the ZippoBoy whos interests include everything from ANARCHY to TRAINSPOTTING, HE HE.Much of what I put here will be stolen from other people enjoy!

if u stumbled in here by accident, i suggest u leave! this page iz designed only for the frequenterz of ZIPPOBOY's PHUNHAUS, and iz mainly here to serve the constantly expanding " EMPIRE OF ZIPPO!!". now remember. this iz not the phunhaus anymore, you r now in what i call, " the Z-dimention ", and it'z more like a billboard than a homepage! here i can make references, post stories, and give u the Whole shabang about the dxm empire of warwick.


I have been using dextrometh for about 4 months now. My initial response to the first usage was delight!FIRST TIME 4 C,C+C (coricidin cough and cold) - I was crashing at chris' house that nite, so i wasn't too worried about any affects it would give me. point in fact, i didn't even expect it to work. Jimmie dean, Matchman , and I were at the ****** residence, along with chris, colin, erin, and laurin. It was yer normal, run of the mill, trainspotting get together, and the stagnation of my life was growing. I was bored , sober , and girlfriendless. Jimmie had been reseaching a new drug (dxm), and had purchased a box of cc+c. He divided the contentz up, among colin,himself ,brett,and i. We downed the pillz, and resumed with the normal order of thingz. The group split up, chris and i smoked up, and after a bit of running, we eventually picked up jimmie 'n brett, and made our way back to chris' home ( hiz parentz were out of town, again.). By this time , the dxm was taking full affect on us; brett and jimmie lie on the bed , fixed in a deep trance, while i lie on the floor, listening to goldfinger'z anxiety( which would later become my dxm anthem). The buzz was not brought on by my earlier smoking, no, this was something entirely new to me.I was wrapped in a blanket of joy , which i now know to be similar to a marijauna/alcohol intoxication. This high reminded me of one of my favorite quotes, " take the best orgasm u ever had, muliply it by a thousand, and yer still nowhere near it", not to mention every other heroin description i could recall. I fell asleep that evening, peacefully unaware of the spitual journey that i was about to begin...

8 cc+c ( 240mg. of dxm) Little did i know that my next usage would bring me to my standard level. Colin'z folks were away, leaving him to the house...We went to pay's house, awaiting the arrival of other kidz. Colin and i dropped eight pills each, and we litterd the front lawn of pay's home for a solid two hours. Colin suspected the affects were opon him. He blankly stared at the sky, and floated around like a happy drunk. i however, was not getting a reaction yet, and feared that it might not kick in. Colin got up, az he was becoming sick. he began to vomit all over. i was a bit worried that the dxm might kill us, but i was more worried about throwing up myself. i knew the drug was fairly harmless, but puking posed an immediate threat! Colin , who was now done tossing, began telling me about hiz high. He had said that perging accually made the dxm hit him harder, and he was now in quite a world. In the distence, we could see the figures moving toward us. are friends were here. The posse formed and started a caravan to burger king. Az i walked, i became increasingly aware of me state; an extrodinary high to say the least. The night wound up and down around me, and my mind was washed away. The task of making the half mile journey back to colins, was difficult. My legs seemed much larger than normal, and my feet seemed farter away. That nite was incredible; Matt , brian, hassan, and pay came to greet us. they brought beer, and much of it. That nite layed the ground work for a most interesting weekend, and only the few who were with me, can truly remember it, but for those who were, it'z a great memory.The wonder of it iz, dxm seems insignificant to the greatest achievement of that weekend, me meeting my wonderful X-girlfriend kellie ( which was the next step in my spiritual rebirth.).

i'm very sorry to say that i can't remember the following dxm trips. not because of stupidity mind you, but it was a long time back. i tend only to dwell opon important expieriences. but soon i will add the next leg of my tale ADVENTURES IN HOMECOMING!!!!!

to begin... i'd like to first point out that my girlfriend and i, did not split up on bad terms. i still love her very much, and hopfully will one day reunite with her. our breakup was do to uncontrolable forces! now continueing... kellie and i had been dating for a month, when the homecoming dance was opon us. i popped eight coriciden to begin with, but as the day grew later, and i had expierienced no effects , i decided to pop more. at around seven, an hour or so befor the dance, i swallowed four more red bennies ( big mistake, i had never taken twelve, and wasn't sure what would happen). woodrow and hiz hot date kathy , both took some prevously, az did colin, and pay( i think). colin ,schreck, and i walked to the event ( i was meeting kellie there). the drug had kicked in on colin, but the buzz dwindled when the dance started. arriving at my school, we came opon tim, a former friend, and at the time, current enemy of myself. tim was with amy, a degenerate chick from york, who was also his x-girlfriend. i met kellie in front of the school. she looked great in her dress, i ran up and hugged her. i introduced her to my budz, and we enterd! THE DANCE- inside, i payed for us, and we went to hang our coats. az i stood up from the floor, i sensed an awesome headrush, and became fully wasted. fearing i was going t fall, i latched on to my love, and told her i was now tripping. soon woody arrived with parke. the dxm had hit poor woodrow, and he thought he was james bond. inside, i proceded to dance with my girl. accually, it was more like leaning on her while she danced. i gave kellie my six remaining pills, and within a half hour, she waz gone. during the dance i felt very paranoid; what if a teacher noticed my staggering. at one point i grabbed kendra, and told her i was afraid, she assured me that everyone, including some teachers, was stoned too, and that i shouldn't be scared. the lights, and music were really freaking me out, and to top it off, i had heavy frame-vision. the world flikerd about me, a somewhat sickenig feeling. kellie was lieing on a cafe table, and i sat down next to her, resting my head on her belly ( it was comforting to have a place i could put my head, that made the world stop spining) . about this time, the reports of woody's madness got back to me. now he was going up to teachers and the principal, pretending, thinking, he was james bond. i was sure he'd get busted, but nope not woody.also at the dance was long term bi friend, britt fletcher. her and kellie got to talking, and really hit it off. too bad kellies gone now. chris and stacey were there, and suggested we scram. i went up to tim, and apologized for every mean thing i'd done to him. this iz what i mean by rebirth. all of a sudden i realized, hate iz very blind, and i should have as few enemies az possible. colin, stacey, chris, kellie, and i, left the dance for my home. due to angelfire restrictions, i can't tell u the rest of this story, but u can imagine...


the aftermath of the dex hype: fleeing with your eyes wide open.

I attempted to grasp the entire DXM concept in one phrase, and thus, i rendered this: " Bad medicine takes control, in plastic world disorder! tread not in dread, COLD, rotten, red, coughing pills with water "- Zipp O. Boy. To put it another way, i mean simply this. When i first set the dex epidemic in full motion, i had no idea how well it would take, and was pleastly surprised with the affects on warwick as a whole. As i wrote in a song titled dextrometh " do not abuse this gift- this drug could fry yer brain- be stupid and it's mark will sift- smart, it shall sustain ". Which do you think the average teenage was? smart? yeah right! In fact, people broke every dex rule imaginable: mixing it with uppers, dosing far too often, and even stealing their medication from phamacies ( after awhile CVS caught on, and pulled C C+C off the shelves, because it was rapidly vanishing. I assume there were a lot of unhappy senior citizens with high blood presure, who couldn't get a fix on the only cold medicine safe enough for them to handle. ). My good friend tessa had a nasty episode, after taking sixteen pills, then going to a dentist appointment, getting gased with nitrous, and hallucinating off her ass! Smokey's ex-bitch melissa twitlock, started dexing so often, that she compleatly screwed her liver, and suffered failure as a result. from what I've heard, she's still dexing regularly. Thank christ i left school when i did! the warwick administrasion seemed to cath on that i was the self proclaimed dex guru, and i know it was only a matter of time before i went down. Not that i have anything against dex: quite the opposite- i feel it is greatly responsible for hightening my awareness, to some ununderstandable level of preternatural consciousness, and grated me with vague telekenetic abuilities. However, i feel my social experiment was a flop. Teenagers in the 90's have little desire to expand their minds, and only wish to further increase the high! As a lititz parent once told me, " smoking weed in excess is stupid, because it will only get you so high .". a standard wayward teenager, has no interest in heeding this good advice, because they KNOW, that out there somewhere, far beyond the grasp of adult understanding, there is a place that they will never reach: and it is up to THEM, a duty confined in their brains, that they MUST keep smoking, in an effort to reach that ultimate high!

ANOTHER NOTE ABOUT KELLIE (the girl who used to love me )

here i am alone again! as most of my circle already knows, my fight to hold my relationship with zippogirl together, has failed. kel recently broke up with me, for little reason, save " she just didn't feel it anymore ". i'm sure the problem is much deeper than that. i fought hard for ten months, against all odds, to insure i'd have a future with my dream girl, but as the C.P.D.s said " a beautiful life is always damned, you've got to fall into the quicksand. a deadly kiss from a serpent, can serve to make a truly wayward man".

*****SkaNkH0le***** we started off with a couple of names that sound kind peculiar, the first of which being "skama sutra": the idieer was to advance on the ska trends, enabling us to climb to the top, and then doing our own thing. the way i see it, there are 3 ska trends.the ska-name, begining with s k a; the use of checkers and/or the colour orange; and skanking. the last of which being the failing... i can't skank well! i will learn.

the name situation still plagued us/ we thought about- ,skadaddle-ska-roddum-skamopoline-and skankhole. this idea was my mom's. at first it seemed too dirty, but now colin and i, feel that it will separate us from bands like skaliosis. Sorry that'z all i've got for now!


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