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Beleifs of the Old Ways

The Old Ways are a system of religions based upon the Earth. Anyone who worships the Earth is called a Pagan. Wicca, a popular Pagan religion, means "Wise", and Wicca-Craft, also known as Witchcraft, means "Craft of the Wise". I shall here try to explain my beliefs and the beliefs of many Pagans, however, keep in mind that we Pagans are encouraged to find our own beliefs and that individuals may vary.
On the Divine:
To a Pagan, the Divine spirit manifests in everything and everywhere. We here the Spirit whisper to us through the tree limbs, as the leaves swirl in the fall, we see the Divine laughter in the dancing of the snow, we can feel it's Presence watching silently from the clouds. All around us is this Spirit. Personally, I believe that All Gods are One God. We are all worshipping the same Spirit, but we see it in different ways. I interpret this spirit as a Masculine and Feminine force, giving way to the God and Goddess. Through them all is created and all is destroyed, and balance kept. As Pagans, we choose to look past the veil of Gods and Goddesses to the true Divine. In meditation, we may use the differnt faces for healing etc. For instance, if I was wanting to meditate on compassion, I would call the Goddess Virgin Mary, for she is representative of mercy. In these ways do we see the true Spirit. Realizing that we cannot limit that Spirit to names is true wisdom, and it takes time to comprehend and follow this teaching. This is our way.
Read The Creed to better understand the Old Ways. Blessed Be!