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Stan Rice's Poems

"The Murder Burger"

The murder burger is served right here.
You need not wait at the gate of Heaven for unleavened death.
You can be a goner on this very corner.
Mayonnaise, onions, dominance of flesh.
If you wish to eat it you must feed it.
"Yall come back."
"You bet."

"What God Did Not Plan On"

Sleep well, weep well, go to the deep well as often as possible.
Bring back the water, jostling and gleaming.
God did not plan on consciousness developing so well.
Well, tell him our pail is full and he can go to Hell.


Hide me from me.
Fill these holes with eyes for mine are not mine.
Hide my head & need for I am no good so dead in life so much time.
Be wing, and shade my me from my desire to be hooked fish.
That worm wine looks sweet and makes my me blind.
And, too, my heart hide for I shall at this rate it also eat in time.

Untitled Poem

Very little is more worth our time than understanding the talent of Substance.
... A bee, a living bee, at the windowglass, trying to get out, doomed, it can't understand.

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