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You may notice broken links or pages missing that were once there. I cut back on my alloted space to save money, and have not had time to take out all of the broken links, etc. -Kristin

The Beatlezine

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Kristin Turberville ART: John Lennon & Beatles Artwork.
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Kristin Turberville ART: John Lennon & Beatles Artwork
Banner by Kristin Turberville

Striking Hamburg
(Striking Hamburg: 2003: Oil on Stretched Canvas: 16x20)
All Artwork © Kristin Turberville
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A Hard Day's Day: A Day In The Life Of A Beatles Tribute Band

"The mockumentary depicts a day in the life of a Beatles tribute band,
shot in the spirit and style of 'A Hard Day's Night.' In the short,
'The MopTops' flee their fans, lose their Ringo, and when they
arrive at their gig, it's not what they'd expected."

This short film is hilarious! If you haven't seen it yet, check it out!

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John Lennon