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Imagine: Fan Art
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Imagine's Fan Art

This fan art page is available for people of all ages to display their Beatle-related artwork. If you would like to share your artwork, please send an e-mail to me at with the attached image. Please include the following information as well: Your name, e-mail, homepage title & URL (if applicable), title of artwork, medium (i.e. pencil, charcoal, oil, etc.), size, year created, any awards/recognitions you have received for that artwork, and most importantly, a description. Short descriptions are not always the best. Thanks!

Imagine's Artwork (my personal art) can be viewed on a separate page.
Please check out the art of Kristin Turberville.

Note: Because the thumbnails of the artwork do not always show the images clearly,
please click on the photos for a larger, clearer view of the artwork.
Sgt. Pepper Gatefold Suite by G. S. Isola

Sgt. Pepper Gatefold Suite: Ringo Sgt. Pepper Gatefold Suite: John Sgt. Pepper Gatefold Suite: Paul Sgt. Pepper Gatefold Suite:George Artist Statement: These drawings are four separate drawings, each one is 18" x 24". The medium used is #2 pencil for the shadowed areas and Prismacolor pencil for the colored backgrounds. Each background color corresponds with the Sgt. Pepper suit color worn by each Beatle.
View more of Steve's artwork at The Artwork of G. S. Isola.
(Sgt. Pepper Gatefold Suite: 1978: Prismacolor Pencil & Pencil: 18x24 each)

But I'm Not The Only One... by G. S. Isola

But I'm Not The Only One...
Artist Statement: This was a very intense, in depth study of John to capture the lonely and melancholy mood of his facial expression from the "White Album" insert photo. I hope you think this is conveyed in the piece, I do.
View more of Steve's artwork at The Artwork of G. S. Isola.
(But I'm Not The Only One...: 1998: Prismacolor Pencil)

A Hardy Site by Aaron Canipe

A Hardy Site Artist Statement: I did this picture when I first decided to do Beatle art. I had just gotten into the cartoons, and I needed something easy to draw. My favorite one to draw on there was the row of Ringos. It wasn't the easiest, mind you, but I think it came out the best. My bad points I'd say would have to be John’s row. I majorly bombed on that one. I switched to a different pen, and his head was at and angle, but people try to tell me it's fine. It took me around 5 hours to complete the drawing.
(A Hardy Site: 2002)

Yesterday by Aaron Canipe

Yesterday Artist Statement: My art teacher told me, 'Find something you enjoy in art, and try to find something that you think you could never do in a million years -- for a challenge.' The next week, I brought in my Paul picture. Paul was my favorite Beatle (now it's John). I saw that picture and thought to myself, ‘I could never ever do that.’ I had never done a person before in my art (not even profiles), so you can imagine it was pretty difficult for me. My hard work paid off! The hardest thing to draw seemed to be the fingers on the neck of the guitar -- it has the knuckles pointing at you, so it was kind of hard to perceive the shapes and angle. The best part, in my opinion, was the head. I spent most of my classes on just the head. Basically, I did the face until I was satisfied with the out come of it. I now have it framed and it has my Paul McCartney: Back In The US ticket inside of it.
(Yesterday: 2002)

John Lennon by Javier Bauer

John Lennon
Artist Statement:"John Lennon" is created from oil on masonite. To view other works by Javier, go to Javi Bauer's Page.
(John Lennon: Oil on Masonite: 11x13)

Here Comes The Sun by Myca Brewer

Here Comes The Sun Artist Statement: I'd just bought the Abbey Road album and heard "Here Comes The Sun" for the first time. That song played on my mind for weeks after that, and I couldn't stop it going round and round! I already had this infatuation (I guess that's how you'd describe it), with George. I get very bored at school somtimes and I'm always doodling away or writing something. It took me about two lessons to draw this (that's two hours). I used a pencil for it, and it's come out really faded because I tend to press really light. It's called "Here Comes The Sun" since that's what I was thinking about when drawing it, and that's meant to be George, as the sun. It's my vision of the song, it seems. I'm not sure because I didn't start to consciously draw it; it just started out as a pair of eyes, then developed into George, and I started drawing lines and wiggles everywhere, and hey -- presto!
(Here Comes The Sun: Pencil)

If Not For You by Ashley Grant

If Not For You
Artist Statement: "If Not For You" is a pencil sketch I drew in the memory of George Harrison. It took me several days to draw and to get the shading how I wanted it.
(If Not For You: 2002: Pencil: 8.5x11)

A Serious Side by Ashley Grant

A Serious Side Artist Statement: "A Serious Side" is a simple pencil sketch of Ringo. I originally decided to do it for a collage I was working on, but it turned out better than I expected. So, I kept it in order to enter it in the 2002 Chicago Beatlefest Art Contest. "A Serious Side" received a ribbon for participation.
(A Serious Side: Pencil: 8.5x11)

John by Lorraine

Artist Statement: "John" is a charcoal drawing of a late 1960s John Lennon.
(John: Charcoal)

Paul by Lorraine

Paul Artist Statement: "Paul" is a pastel drawing of a 1970s Paul McCartney. I haven't done too much of Paul, but what I have done has been a lot in pastel -- he must lend himself to that!
(Paul: Pastel)

George by Lorraine

George Artist Statement: "George" is a drawing I did in high school, my first charcoal. It would've been around 1982, I think, when I was around 16 years old. I do remember this: I stayed working on it long after school, and I would tell the art teacher ( a *wonderful* woman) proudly, "I am done!!" And she would say..."No, you aren't...go look again..." It taught me a lot of patience!!! LOL
(George: 1982: Charcoal)

Lennon/McCartney by Lorraine

Lennon/McCartney Artist Statement: I drew this when my art teacher said my compostions lacked creativity. I did this one...a "Lennon/McCartney Composition" -- a little artistic sarcasm!
(Lennon/McCartney: Pencil)

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