Circuit Rider's Range
Travel Terminal

Music Title: On the Road Again

Hello there! Good to see you. If you are new, I am Theo, the Circuit Rider's Administrative Assistant. You have arrived at what used to be the Circuit Rider's Range. It has all been moved except for this special travel terminal to enable visitors who have come to look at the Range to board a mode of transportation and then proceed to the new location.

Since my boss is a very accomodating person, he has arranged for you to select how you will travel on to the Range. You can choose something slow and just float through the sky slowly taking in all the beautiful scenery along the way, or you can go by land, or by jet aircraft for a faster trip through the air!

Oh, just click on the "vehicle" you want to ride to the new location of Circuit Rider's Range. And remember this added amenity is provided absolutely free

Enjoy your trip! Oooops! Hold it a minute! Maybe you are wondering about those ads popping up now -- it didn't use to be that way, and that has figured prominently in CR's decision to move to a new location! If you want full explanation about it slip on over to Circuit Rider's Travel Terminal Information Desk -- don't worry, there's a door out of there that will give you all the choices of transportation which you see below

Take a plane!

Take a slow and leisurely hot air balloon!

Take a train!

Now if you want to really take a wild trip, board Alvin's special "vehicle" -- words can't describe what he can do with that inflated pie plate with its special attachments and features! You'll get to meet Alvin at the Range and learn a lot more about him. He is visiting the Range and volunteered to help transport visitors who have used the old Range address to get to the new location. He has assured us that he will not do some of those mind boggling maneuvers to which he refers in one of his comments at the Range! So have a delightful journey and I'll talk more with you when you arrive at the new location


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