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Retreat '99 - Lock-in '99 - Lock-in '99 - Retreat '99 - Lock-in '99 - Retreat '99 - Lock-in '99

Date: May 15
Time: 6:00pm - 7:00 am

May 15th 1999 where are you going to be? Yes!, right you are going to be at the 1999 lock-in at St. Ambrose. At this fun-filled lock-in we are going to "break into the light" with other surrounding parishes. The lock-in is a combination of a retreat, lock-in, and area youth gathering. Everybody who is anybody is going to be there . Father Joe Moriarty (four corners priest) will be joining us for at least part of the night. The night will begin with 6:00 mass here at St. Ambrose. Then the night will continue on from there with a lot of fun games and good times to remember until you come back next year. So catch up on your sleep, caffiene, sugar or whatever you use to keep you awake. Please let us know by May 8th that you are going to attend. Call 522-2686 or you can just e-mail us at