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This is the start of my great or as of now not so great MR2 page! If you don't have an MR2 GET OUT! No, just kidding! I'm obsessed with the MR2 new or old style. If you don't have an MR2 you're just plain old stupid, don't have the money, too many kids,or just can't find one,or boycott japanese cars! Its the best sports car on the planet and I wouldn't own any other car on the planet! I own the older style 85-89 which is more boxey than the rounded off style of the newer 91-95 MR2's. I like both styles but would like to own a 91+ turbo in the future. For know I have to stick with my 87 model,but I'm not complaining! Oh, and by the way this page is starting so I will have more pictures coming,including my 87 MR2! For now all this will have to wait. I cleaned out all the links and a few pictures to make room but will soon have links like this: Worlds Worst Cars, 85-89 MR2s, 91-98 MR2's, dekhockey, My 87 MR2, my dads 1970 911T restoration and more so keep checking back. Thanks for visiting! Click on the little mailbox below to email me.