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Buddahed Out Niggaz EveryDay

JULY 29, 1997 - THE ART OF WAR IS COMING - 28 TRACKS!- more info and sound clips to come

Click Here for the ART of WAR tracklist
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If you a playa, than Check dis

The Lyrics were added 7-14-97
These are best viewed under Microsoft Wordpad
Thug Luv
Tha Introduction
Mo' Murda
1st of Tha Month
Budsmokers Only
Mr. Bill Collector

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The Art of War Album Cover
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The Art of War
Bizzy & Layzie

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Art of War Soundz

World War 1
1.Retaliation (Introduction)FULL
2.Handle Tha VibeFULL
3.Look Into My Eyes (LP Version)FULL
4.Body Rott
5.It's All Mo'ThugFULL
6.Ready 4 WarFULL
7.Ain't Nothin ChangedFULL
8.Clog Up Yo MindFULL
9.It's All Real (Krayzie Bone)FULL
10.Hardtimes (Interlude)FULL
11.Mind Of A Souljah (Layzie Bone)
12.If I Could Teach The WorldFULL
13.Family TreeFULL
World War 2
1.Mo'Thug (Interlude)
2.Thug LuvFULL
3.Hatin NationFULL
4.7 Sign (Bizzy Bone)FULL
5.Wasteland WarriorsFULL
6.Neighborhood Slang (Interlude)FULL
7.U Ain't BoneFULL
8.Get' Cha Thug On ( Wish B o n e )
9.All Original
10.Blaze It (Interlude)
11.Let The Law EndFULL
12.Whom Die They LieFULL
14.Evil ParadiseFULL
15.Mo'Thug Family TreeFULL
(These are from Krayziest Thug Shit & Tru Thugz Bone Page copyright T6P- so give propz to them)
Other Bone Soundz

The Art Of War

E. 1999 Eternal Creepin On Ah Come Up Faces Of Death

Mo Thugs Records Flesh-N-Bone

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( This sh*ts Str8 from Tha Nukes Soundz Page)

Whatz New
ITZ' HERE!!!!!!! The Art of War Is Now In stores Now - Its a double CD so expect to pay around $20. ITS WORTH IT! If You Want Some Good Songs to get look for "Family Tree, Thug Luv, Its All Real, Hardtimes, Wasteland Warriors, Get Cha Thug On , & Blaze it - My fav pics. In other sh!t - WISH BONE was Arrrested. - He was charged for slapping a b!tch in a bar & breakin bottles. FLESH N BONE - was arrested earlier in July for Possession of Explosives & other sh!t. BIZZY BONE- did not appear in the Look Into My Eyes Video due to personal problems. More Info to come - Requests? --- SIGN MY GUESTBOOK AND ILL GET TO YA. If You Have a Bone Page Id Be Glad to Put A link on my page to promote your site if you do tha same. Contact me by E-Mail. If you want somethin from this page - Lyrics or anything - to put on your page - just ask

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