Not all of these are necessarily correct. They were all gathered by unreliable sources and I in no way intend to take credit for these. I only kept them up because a lot of people say they like this section. Do NOT send me hate mail if you think one or more of these are incorrect. The results you receive will NOT be pretty, especially since these aren't even mine. You have been forewarned. (I'm not a bitch. I've just had problems in the past.)


Meatplow: Opens with the same gloomy tone as "Dead & Bloated" does Core
Vasoline: A desperate, undeserving victim
Lounge Fly: An apology to Jannina, Weiland's ex-wife
Interstate Love Song: Lies
Still Remains: Love song written to Jannina
Pretty Penny: A love gone sour
Silvergun Superman: The dangerous path of greed
Big Empty: The exhaustion of the long-term touring process
"Unglued": The media's longing for failure
Army Ants: About society's instinctiveness to follow trends
Kitchenware and Candybars: Anger at the rock press or about an abortion Weiland went through with a girlfriend...
My Second Album: Performed by Richard Peterson; about the pressures to follow up an explosive debut album with an equally strong second record