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Be welcome to my page. I am DewStar. Some call me Dew.. others call me Dewy.. Whatever the name you can't mistake me for somebody else.
This page is devoted to the many worlds I have seen and the places in which I dwell. And the people I dwell with in them.
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Please visit her and venture to the other worlds found in my page. Travel anywhere you wish. We all have our place under the Stars.


Seasons come and pass. For me it is now winter and, like many warm blooded creatures, I am curling up with a woolen jumper and a good book.
Though I may call myself a computer programmer I am still a creator at heart.

In the last few months this page has slowly been expanding and looking neater. I have added a Photo Album, updated most of my pages with up to date information and added "The Authority" to my collection of obsessions. Don't forget to read my Philosophical Quotes for a taste of the deep and meaningfull, or scan though my Rules of Thumb for a little chuckle.
Enjoy your stay and *please* sign my guestbook. Show me you care *grins*.


Info on Me
Photo Album!
Philosophical Quotes
Rules of Thumb: A collection of amusing useless crap.
Homosexual FAQ: A small essay I have written to explain afew of my personal beliefs.
Sara's Spot
"The Authority"
Dew's Cyber Diary. And now you can read my day to day adventures on my very own Blog (open diary).

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