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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

O Jesus, Teacher of Wisdom and Instructor of the Ignorant, enlighten us with Your precepts. Teach us to know You and serve You all the days of our lives. Guide us with the life-giving words of Your Holy Gospel. May we recognize You as our Lord and Savior as did the apostles and all those gathered together on that Great Day of Pentecost. Let the power of Your Holy Spirit dwell in each of us today as it did in the Upper Room. Grant us the gift of discernment in all things. As we bend our knees in thanksgiving for the gift of the Father, renew in us an upright spirit. Create in us clean hearts, so that, we may be empowered to bring the Good News to all creation. You created all things, O Wisdom, Word and Power of God; do not forsake us even though our sins are many; quickly have mercy on us.

O Lord, You granted to us, Your unworthy servants a peace that surpasses all understanding. Through that peace, we have come to know You and love Your more deeply and intimately. Though we rely to many times on our own earthly knowledge and experience, You have not destroyed us but have loved us more than we have ourselves. Help us to know Your will and implement it in our lives. Show us how to be true examples of Christian behavior for all we shall meet today. May the words of the Holy Scripture become alive for us even more today as we partake of the sacred Mysteries of Your Body and Blood. Through the prayers of all the saints, let Your good Spirit guide us along the path of our earthly pilgrimage, O Savior, and have mercy on us.

We are comforted with Your presence, O Lord of Life, because You promised to remain with us until the end of time. You instructed Your apostles to love one another, now help us to do the same by taking the healing message of the Good News into all the world. May we also show that love to others by talking with them of the great mercy poured forth for all mankind on the Cross. Speak to our restless souls words of compassion and love. Do not forsake all those who have placed their hope in You. Let Your Holy Spirit come and abide in us and cleanse us from all impurity. Great is Your love for us, O Lord, look upon the petitions of Your servants who pray to You and have mercy on us.

O Lord, You patiently endured the Cross for the sake of our salvation, and have granted to us the means to withstand any temptation that may come to us this day. Give us the courage of the martyrs, the steadfastness of the prophets, and the faithfulness of the saints. May our faith be strengthened as we ponder all the good things that You have done in our lives. Even in the face of adversity Your Hand can be seen and celebrated. Stand by us when our strength fails. Walk with us when we are fatigued. Carry us when we do not know where to turn. Let the prayers of the Church, both on heaven and earth, fill us with the hope and joy that comes from knowing You, O true and only God. O Fountain of Blessings, hear us when we pray to You, and have mercy on us.

Meditations written by Raymond J. Mastroberte which appeared in the May 1998 issue of "The Orthodox Herald", Hunlock Creek, PA.
Meditations for Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord will be available in the beginning of July.

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