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There is Joy in Bethlehem - Viflejemi Novina

MIDI created by D. M. Mastroberte,
based on 4-part arrangement of "There is Joy in Bethlehem" by M.P. Hilko.

1. There is joy in Bethlehem,
Christ the Lord to us is come.

Angels singing,
Shepherds kneeling
Wise men following a star,
for Christ is born!

1. Viflejemi novina,
D’iva Syna porodila,

v blahodati
Neporoèna D’iva Mati,

2. God fulfilled His promised word,
Sent the Savior, Christ the Lord,

Angels gloriously proclaiming,
"Peace on earth, good will to men,
for Christ is born!"

2. Polo¾ila na s’ini
V Viflejemskoj jaskiòi.

Josif D’ivu pot’i¹aje
Povivati pomahaje,