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The Winners Are At Camp Snoopy!

Here is the list of campers

Who have won one of my awards.
Right now they are at Camp Snoopy
But you can visit them
By clicking on their home page links!

Also WIN one of my awards yourself.

it's fun.... it's easy....
And you could get your name listed here
With all these other wonderful campers!

Click on Snoopy's Boat

He will take you across the lake.
So You can apply for one of my awards

The first winner of the new Millennium was:

Cecilia's World

The winning campers of 2000!

Becka's Place Funky Corner Welcome to W.E.B. World Auntpimmie's Plastic Canvas Page

// d e L u s i o n a l Calvin and Sabrina's Meowy World D'Laceys Inn Going Dutch

l Jessie's Caring Pages Pete's Page BakTrak Adventure Alley Tim's Homepage

American Terror Twin's Homepage Wildcat's Site Penney's Place ~*~Stary Pink~*~ My Mystic Worlds

The Basement Nichole's Mark Collie Homepage Sarah and Lyall's home page

Showstar Birman Cats Sonia's VP Costume Shop Living With Angels Hendersons Home on the Web

Brandons Site MeeMee's Home page Carly's Page of Nothing in Particular

Superdude's Gaming Zone For Kids! Dianes Planet Bloomfield Twp. Vol. Fire Dept.

Pokemon4Me Sassys Expressions It's About Life. It's About Friends. It's About Time.

Disney's Secret Department Bedford Blues Bantam 'A' Law Enforcement Index Page

SITE OF WONDERS Paulo Benedeti Appreciation Page Bianca's World For Kids Only

Dessins animes sous differentes formes What Is On The Mind Of Princess Muse?

Hard Rock Ranch Cheryl's Corner 0800whocares Unicorn Avatars Wolfjk's Wolf Page

Stop the Pain and Start the Humanity David's Personal Webpage! Welcome to ladyda site

Our Family Fun Star Ocean TSS Ultimate Page Jalouda's Home Page Meemee's Page of Wonders

The Chymical Wedding of Sarah Dorrance and Scott Lane Angels Home Page Springfield 2000

Zapper UK Kiwi Chaos My Pets Page! Magic the Gathering ON-line

The Ultimate Teen Galaxie Sassy and Lucifer's Page! Peter´s Corner UFO's do you believe?

A Tribute to the USS Pueblo The Realm The Useful Free Site AnnaMarie's Place My Place

Speckled Eggs Shadow's Homepage The Family Amateur Radio Club April's Homepage!!!

mystic nights The Eskew Family's Web Pages MUMINK WEB ReinNshines Pagegs

Eaton Family Homepage Forever-Doe's Links of Thought, Memories, and Dedications

Sarah's Site: My Place in the Stars.... Cait's Realm Secaucus Fire Department: Engine Company One

Valley Starcrafters Dude Ranch Hotel DeAnn's Place A1PYRO'S WORLD Freaky NeeNee's Place

Realm of Dragon Master Tsuki Kennels Mothers of Addicts UNITED Smiley's Golden Pages

ALienz Innerforce Sugar_31's First Home Page Jason and Allie's Wedding, Etc.

Austin Peter Free Teacher Sites Tracy's Place SHARKMAN'S WORLD Elena's Homepage

Albritton Family Home Page Dawnie's Little Corner of the World Midnight lady's Home Page

Poems and Reflections of the Island Princess Moonstar's Adoption Search Source

Samson's Doghouse Smiley's Golden Pages BLACK RUSSIAN TERRIER

Jeff & Tracey's Holiday Gifs Who framed Oliver Wilhelm? CutiePie Child Photo Contest

Tyler's Page The Universal Home of Ragnhild ARTTU, Timneh African Grey Parrot

Sten Lassen, home of smile LadyFire's WebSite Ingvild Simonsen Dallas Cowboys Collectors Guide

Royal Excalibur chooks free animated gifs Jason Isaacs Appreciation Page

SHeDAISY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Santa's Christmas Music My Lil Haven Westlife

Anuj Rajbhandari's Personal Home Page SVJH Cove Chatterie Jovisca Hobbes_18's Hideout

Angel's Little Bit Of Everything Rajiv's Simpsons Site Alian Web Server F.R.I.E.N.D.S. CONNECTOR

Don's Artifacts Billy's Choice Cars Our Little Miracles Website The Dawg House

Simple Guide to Free Online Stuffs on the Net! Cancer of the Conscience Jessica's Home Page

The winning campers of 1999!

Night Owl's Ceylon's Louisianna Home Page Carol's Corner Unique Gifts & Krafts

The Joynet The Pitstop Cafe Kara's Home Page Maureen's Homepage

Kate's Korner Rasberri's Place Durene's Webcipes Aussieman's Home Page

Beautiful Birds Welcome Aboard The International Space Station

The Academy Award Winners And Nominees Page Pamela's Home Page

Danielle's Christmas Corner This Is The Anderson's Home Page Tkakin' A Break

"Jerry Miller's Rock & Roll History" Connie's Corner Jesica's Walk On The Wild Side

Sherry's Home Page Misty Blue Cappy and Piggys Play House Tequila's Home

Melanie's Web Page WRINKLY SPOT Tigress 826 Homepage ~Cookie's Cottage~

Vicky's Place in Cyber Space Walter's Home Page SweetB's Site Cali's Home Page

~*Tara's Homepage!~* Jessica's World Debbie's Home Page Country Gal's Place

Ryan's Page Pat's Country Home Carnival Toys and More... Dianes Planet

Albritton Family ~ A Little Touch Of Heaven ~ Temujin Train Station Boot's Bookshelf

HDW Enterprises & Foothill Felines Bengals ReNATssance Art

Foxy Granny's Homepage Vivek's Web Page Free Fun @ Audrey's World

*razberryfluffernutterpotpiepage* Great TV Quotes Dan's Shrine

Bali & Lombok Travel Forum Axel's Homeworld Thunder Monkey's Playstation Page

Institute for Astroenergetic Studies & Manjushri Mandala My World

Hillary B. Smith Fan Page MomPeepers' Place Willow Creek Angus Ranch

Pooh Web Awards diane6554's home page The Gott Family Homepage

Everything Romantic! The Kinsey Family Millenium Fantasy Ann's Art

Sue & Warren's Place Leonardo DiCaprio Sucks Forever!! Circus World

Stardust Ryan's Stamp Galore and More Loan Biz Steen's Hjemmeside

Cool Clan Web Site Steen's Hjemmeside Myron & Marilee Miller Home Page

The Gimp Domian NutzMomof6's Home Page Joy's Homepage Alien Legend

ABONI' COUNTRY VILLAGE CENTER Denise's Dreams sundsberget

KoolDude's Poetry Golden Gate Mall & Entertainment Center Mockerland!

LittleTreeFrog's Place! Devilsgun's Looney Tunes Pages Listen To Your Heart

Sannah´s Free Domain Brian & Shannon Make Money Surfing the Internet

Lexy McSteel's Place 100% Rose A Gadzillion Things To Think About

The Nelsons Greebo's Lair Sten Lassen, home of smile.

Welcome To My Little World On The Web Snow Rogers Elementary School


Lexi & Lani Welcome To Our World Lucky'n'Love Beth's Pages Beer4life's Homepages

Deborah's Place The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself Ashley and Emily's Space

Shoot For The Moon Zeke`s Zone IXTAPA-ZIHUATANEJO, Mexico

Webpage of Pooh Bear Holmes My Homepage The Wacky Web

KRISSHIR COLLECTION H. B. Klein Designs Pure Illusion Fantasy

Pure Illusion Arabians and Crossbreeds Diggn4Gold's Hidden Mine W3Nation

LawDogs Homepage Kristie's Garden Learn about Ireland Dee's Disney World

A Hillsgrove Christmas Halliwell Manor Once Upon A Storytime Bruz and Khara's Wedding

All Family Resources Bonnie's HomePage Kajun_Pebs' gifs, music & more Forest Colors

Moonrock Cafe & Gift Shop Tom & Ewa Forever Welcome to Space Center Shadowstar

Kevin's Home Page Pa.State Constable 13 Madeleine's Web Page Personality Creations

Katie's BSC and Sweet Valley Page Katie's Book Page American Indian Health Central

Just for Fun!!! The Apocracy Presents: Site-Promotion 101 DDBYRD'S NEST

Brodie and Nate's Bottle Diggin Page Christmas Magic Lunar Fantasy Maura's Garden

Cia2nite's Home Sweet Home This is Gemi Taylor YLO Knock, Knock, Who's There?

Land of Dreams Scourge2's Asylum! Kids Online The Freebie Site Adel Online

Towanda's Winter Wonderland Kallie's Corner Susie's Homepage Andrew's World

1 AT 758 - Rod - Homepage Seasons Greetings from Homespun Design silverystarz

Unicorn MIDI Madness LISA'S SPECIAL PLACE Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays from MichyLand

Snippy's Corner Of Life Creative Chances EVIL TOOLs Winter Wonderland

Baby's Garden wendy's pages sunshine's pages Sweet Valley Jr. High Webpage

Amy's Music Utopia Sugar & SPICE July Babies Carosella Family Page

Best of the Best Christmas Sites Anne's Christmas Page Weird Spice Christmas in the South

Little Hugs Santa's Christmas Music Hawkeye's Nest Christmas from Dixie Forever Christmas

Bob's Mighty MIDI Gills Lap MEET DARIEN AND NOAH Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Bama's Candy Christmas CoxImages The Twins Homepage Christmas Fun Village

Christmas Corners Revisited Something Special by Jujubean ! Otakou New Zealand Online

Magical Christmas Cait's Collingwood Page Wimlett´s Dandie Dinmonts Harley Quinn's Cell

Welcome To Amys World Kate's Country Home Skywind@home The Jaspers Family In Australia

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