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Today's celebration of Valentine's Day

grew out of a tradition
that began many years ago in ancient Rome.
A Roman feast of Lupercalia
was celebrated on February 15.
This ancient festival involved
the celebration of fertility
and honored two Roman gods,
Juno and Pan.
One of the conventions of this occasion
called for young maidens to write love messages.
The messages were placed in a large urn
and then drawn out by unmarried men
who courted the fair maidens
whose messages they had chosen.

The rose is probably the best known flower

Given on Valentine's Day.

Roses and their meanings.

Red roses mean "I Love You".
Red and white roses together mean "Unity".
Pink roses mean "Grace and Gentility".
Yellow roses mean "Joy".
Orange or coral roses mean "Desire".
Burgundy roses mean "Unconscious Beauty".
White roses mean "You're Heavenly".
White rosebuds mean "You're Too Young For Love".

I thought that Valentine's Day would be a good place

to show you a few of my wedding pictures
so here we go !


The Cake


As long as forever

I will stay by your side....
I'll be your companion,
Your friend, and your guide.

As long as I live

And as long as you care....
I'll do anything for you,
I'll go anywhere.

I'll bring you the sunshine,
I'll comfort your fears,
I'll gather up rainbows
To chase all your tears,

As long as forever,

My love will be true,
For as long as I live....
I'll love only you.

The Dance

The Party

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