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"The First Thanksgiving"

The Pilgrims and the Indians
Met in the wilderness
To share the fruits of harvestime
In heartfelt thankfulness.

They feasted 'neath the tall, tall trees
On foods prepared their way,
And joined their hands in friendship on
That first Thanksgiving Day.
(By KaterineD.M. Marko)

"On Thanksgiving Day"

The day of Thanksgiving comes in the fall.
And Thanksgiving meals can be different for all.
For instance, it's said that the cottontail rabbit
Eats Thanksgiving carrots. That is his habit.
Thanksgiving dinner for little gray mice
Is a wee hunk of cheese, wheat grains, and rice.

Whales in the ocean dine upon fish.
On Thanksgiving Day, it's their favorite dish.
The lanky giraffe eats a dinner quite strange.
It's leaves from the treetops he finds on the range.
Down in the jungle, the monkeys and apes
Feast on bananas and wild jungle grapes.

What's even stranger - bears sleep until spring,
And on Thanksgiving Day, they don't eat a thing!
But people who live in our own USA
Feast upon turkey on Thanksgiving Day,
Plus all the fixin's and pumpkin pie, too.
On Thanksgiving Day,
Aren't you glad that you're YOU?
(By Frances Watt)

What I Am Thankful For!
My Husband Gene of 20 years
and most of all
My Healthy Son Bryan

Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania

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