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School Days is really not a holiday....
This page is for you....the Mom's and Dad's!

'Twas the night before school started
When all through the town
The parents were cheering.
It was a riotous sound.

By eight the kids were washed
And tucked into bed
When memories of homework
Filled them with dread

New pencils, new folders,
New notebooks, too,
New teachers, new friends-
Their anxiety grew.

The parents just giggled
When they learned of this fright
And shouted, "Upstairs!

There's a little work
and a little play
and lots of fun
in each school day!

Today I hurry off to school,

To work and learn and play.
I'm in a brand new grade this year.
What a happy day!!

Why God Made Little Girls
God made the world with its towering trees
Majestic mountains and restless seas
Then paused and said,
"It needs one more thing
Someone to laugh and dance and sing
To walk in the woods and gather flowers
To commune with nature in quiet hours."
So God made little girls
With laughing eyes and bouncing curls
With joyful hearts and infectious smiles
Enchanting ways and feminine wiles,
And when He'd completed the task He'd begun,
He was pleased and proud of the job He'd done
For the world when seen through a little girl's eyes
Greatly resembles Paradise

Why God Made Little Boys
God made a world out of his dreams,
Of wondrous mountains, oceans and streams,
Prairies and plains and wooded land,
Then paused and thought,
"I need someone to stand on top of the mountains
To conquer the seas, explore the plains and
Climb the trees, someone to start small and grow,
Sturdy, strong like a tree and so...
He created boys, full of spirit and fun,
To explore and conquer, to romp and run,
With dirty faces, banged up chins
With courageous hearts and boyish grins."
When He had completed the task He'd begun,
He surely said, "That's a job well done."

Take a close look at this picture
The children are the future !
You may be looking at ...
A future President of the United States..
A famous Pittsburgh Penguin hockey player..
A future Doctor or a famous Astronaut..
Our Children can be anything.....
Take the time to teach them and help them grow!

A Practical wish you can get right away
A Hopeful wish you might have someday
A Fanciful wish makes non-dreamers say,
"That wish can never come true"
But Dreamers say, "It May!"

Wishes can be made in many ways.
There are as many different kinds of wishes
As there are different kinds of Children.

Children grow so fast:
Enjoy the time...when they are young!
Help them make their Wishes and Dreams come true.

The two pictures below are of my son Bryan
The First one is his first year of school
The Second one is the year he is in now!
Enjoy watching him grow

1994.....Age 5

Sixth Grade
2000.....Age 11

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