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The World Has Made It Through Y2K
With No Problems At All

The Y2K Bug Did Not Get Anyone !

All That Is Left To Do Is to Clean Up The Tons Of Confetti

The last time a millennium occurred
Was almost a thousand years ago,
And now it's happening in our lifetime.
The Year 2000 has always stood for...
The future and what we shall make of it.
A crossroads between the dream and reality.
A time of excitement, curiosity, hope,
Uncertainty, optimism and awe.
A time for reflection.

As the world enters the next...
1,000 years of history,
Ask yourself a few simple questions.
Where have you been?
Where are you now?
Where do you want to be tomorrow?
What do you seek to accomplish?...
For yourself, your friends
Your family, and the world.
The year 2000 represents
A new beginning for each of us.

Party On Dudes !
This is me with a few of my husbands friends

The song you are hearing is..
Nites in White Satin
The first time I went out with my husband
Was New Year's Eve 1977....This is our song


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