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By Judy

"The First Christmas"

Long ago in the city of Nazareth
An angel appeared before a young woman named Mary.
The Angel Gabriel told Mary
"God has chosen you to be the mother of his child, Jesus."
Mary was married to a man named Joseph.
They had to travel to Bethlehem..
To pay their was a long journey
So Mary rode their donkey...and away they went.

When they arrived in Bethlehem

There was no room in the inn
But the inn keeper said they could
Spend the night in the stable.
That very night the baby was born.
There was no crib for the Baby,
So Mary wrapped him in a blanket
And laid him in a manger....

In a field nearby the sheperds were watching their sheep.
An angel appeared to them in the sky...and said
"I bring you great joy,tonight in Bethlehem
A child was born, He is called Jesus and He is our Lord"
The shepherd went to the stable to see the baby.
Their hearts were filled with joy when they saw the baby.

Far away in the east lived three wise men.

They saw a new star in the sky....
The wise men knew that the star was a sign...
A Sign that the Lord Jesus had been born.
So the wise men set out to follow the star.
The star led the wise men to Bethlehem
They brought gifts for the baby Jesus
Gold and Frankincense and Myrrh.

Everyone was filled with joy...

Even the animals seemed to know
How special the baby was.
Now every year at Christmas
We celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Because he brought the good news
Of God's love to the world.

Meet my Parents
John and Vera Fredericks
This picture was taken at my wedding in 1981
My Father passed away in 1984.....
My Mother is living with my Sister in South Carolina

My Brother John (Jay) and his Family
Jay........Karen.......Betty......John (Jay)
Christmas 1997

My Sister's Family
And their son Cory

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