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a.k.a. "BUD"

Bryan was born in Va. Beach Va. August 25, 1989.

He is in the 5th grade and is 10 years old.

Bryan is into collecting Poke'mon cards.

You may ask what is Poke'mon?
Poke'mon stands for Pocket Monsters.
Little Monsters that you carry around in your Pocket.

Click on Pika for a Great Poke'mon Site

He also likes to play hockey, watch cartoons and play games on the computer.
His most favorite thing to do is to ride his bike through mud puddles.
He calls this mud bogging. I think he just likes to get muddy.
You can see his school picture on the School Days Page.

Bryan is a big fan of Ice Hockey.
His favorite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins.
His favorite player is Mario Lemiuex, who retired last year.
Bryan did get the chance to see Mario play in his last regular home game.
A sad day in Pittsburgh when Mario retired.
Not a dry eye in the building (including Bryan).
But a night that he will never forget.
When he saw one of the great players of hockey.
.....SHOOT and SCORE.....

Bryan age 5
Future Pittsburgh Penguin

Bryan is also a hockey player, he plays deck hockey.

Deck hockey is played just like ice hockey ( the rules are the same).
Except they play on a deck, running around and they use a ball instead of a puck.
He plays in net(the goalie) and he also plays defense.
He has played hockey for 3 years and his team has won 2 championships.
He is a pretty good little hockey player and is getting better all the time.
Last season his team won the championship.

The winning team !

August 1998

Bryan with his new toy his Dad got him.
February 1999

Hope we do not have to visit the hospital soon ...LOL

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