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Beauty and the Beast

A friend asked me to make this:
So this is for you...Beth

Beauty and the Beast is a Disney Classic
About a book-loving heroine

Named Belle

Who comes to be with the Beast

The beast is really a prince.....
Because he is a cruel and selfish person
An enchantress has turned him into a beast!
His stubborn pride
Compels him to remain in a bewitched castle

The Beast lives there with a lovestruck candelabra
Lumiere, who is in love with a Duster

A pompous little clock

The lovable Mrs. Potts...the tea pot

An inquisitive little tea cup

To break the spell, the beast must
Win Belle's love before the last petal falls
From the enchanted rose!

Beauty and the Beast will forever remind us...
That true beauty comes from within.

Meet Beth


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