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My Awards Page 1

The Awards On This Page Are Very Dear To Me Because I Did Not Apply For Them.
The first one I received

Thank You So Much Lyn
For The Award And Your Kind Words.
Susanne note to me :
Sometimes as I am perusing sites, I come across one that I wish to give my award to without them applying. Yours is a site like that. I wish to award you Susanne's Creative Site Award...a hard award to I have only given this to 2 other sites.

Thank You For This Award: It Was A Very Nice Surprise

A Very Special Award From Beth

Thanks Soooooo Much Beth


Thank You Ronnie For Your Kindness
Hugs To You ;-)
It Means So Much More To Me, When I Do Not Apply For The Award
And That Someone Thinks You Deserve It:

Thank You Kate For This Award And Your Kind Words :-)

Debra Wrote:
You Have A Great Web Site
It Really Cheered Me Up With All Your Holiday Things.

Thank You Soooooooo Much Debbie :-)
My Home Page Was The First One To Receive Connie's Award

Thanks A Bunch Connie
For Your Kind Words :-)

I Received This Award For My Christmas Pages

Thank You NightOWL
Tigress sent me this cute award

Thank You Rita :-)
This was a nice suprise !

Thank You Cindy For This Award And Your Kind Words :-)

Diana Wrote To Me :

You have been such a good web friend and have helped me out so many times that I really feel wholeheartedly that you deserve to have this award. It is a one of a kind award no one else will be receiving one like it. Thank you for being there for me. Your Friend Diana

Thank You Diana For This Award And You Made My Day When I Was Down :-)
I was presented this award for my Easter Bunny Page!

Thanks A Million Debi
For thinking my page was special enought to receive your award
Val wrote: You have a wonderful site and certainly deserve my award.

Thanks A Bunch, Val

Thanks A Bunch, Val

Denise Note to me !
I visited your site earlier tonight and was delighted at all the wonderful things you have there!! I just wanted to say thank you...for having such a warm place to come and visit.

Thank You Denise For This Award, It Was A Nice Surprise

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