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Hey and Welcome to My little Fishing Hole on the Net. Me and my buddy Rock came up with a slogan for fisherman: "For ever in search of the perfect hole." If there is water within 60 miles of Berwick, PA I am sure we have fished it. I think it is one of the most relaxing things to do. Its a way to just let the world do what ever it wants and you and the fish can play. I have fished for just about everything there is to fish for around here, but my favorite has to be Fly-Fishing for Trout. It just doesn't get much better than standing in the middle of "Fishing Creek" anticipating that big Browny snatching up your fly. Lots of people must look at me pretty funny when I get outta my car with my cut offs and sneakers, bag hung over my shoulder and my camo hat. I don't believe you need to spend 1,000's of dollars on gear to catch em. But incase you might like to check out some of the latest fishing apparel Or if you need some tips or whatever click on one of these links below. Click Here to Check out ME and Rock's Summer of 99's catches. Thank You and
Happy Fishing.

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