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Richards & Muir Family Tree


We have some family!

P. Belle Richards ______ 19__ - 19__
George ("Brother") Richards 19__ - 195?
Harry Richards, 19...-2000
Janet Richards Keller, 1915-2002
Pearl Richards Austin, 1913-2002
John Muir (cousin) 1912 -2002

Margie Pollock Bridges, a Richards decendent, reviewed this site and found a link to our RICHARDS line (I have been in contact with Janice Gruber in WA about this and she may have some information about the Waple connections!). Margie's file is included here.

Another possible relative is Larry Shick (a possible MUIR decendent), and cousin Ann of the MUIR line through this web site. Ann decends from George's brother Walter's line. See her extensive information about both the MUIR brothers who came to the United States from Dalgetty in Fife, Scotland June 30, 1852 and arrived in Philadelphia, PA on the ship "Marchioness." See below for additional explanation.

As for our cousin Janice (Richards line), her connection is here.

Looking for any leads on Devlins in central Pennsylvania. (Could it be spelled Devlen?)

Still no leads on this family line. Possibly have a lead through Mary Jo Dumplton as of December 2007 (with Jackie H's help).
Nancy Pyretta DEVLIN married James MUIR in the late 1800s.

Family links:

MUIRs from Scotland
the RICHARDS from Wales
and the McCRACKENS and DEVLINS from Ireland

Additional McCracken information has been compiled by R. Mills - please see this site for great lineage. Also, refer Mary Sandoval's link below - she has been the source of much of the McCracken information listed above.

Brief overview of family histories:

RICHARDS: John W., born in Wales, ca. 1750 - 1808
Catherine McMullen born ca. 1751 - 1825 Centre Co, PA

George; David R.; Joseph; John Jr.; Ann R. Hopkins;
Elizabeth R. Hopkins; Mary; Sammuel; & Jesse.

MUIR: Walter and George MUIR (brothers) and wives arrived in Philidelphia on June 30, 1852 aboard the "Marchioness" from Scotland. They worked for the firm Glover,Kier & Co. in Bolivar,PA.
George and wife Janet Paterson had a son,
He wife was Nancy Pyretta DEVLIN in 1881. Their children:
George W.;
and Jessie Pearl.

Now, with cousin Ann's information we also know know that this family began with a WALTER MUIR, born in Fordel, Dalgetty, Fife, Scotland on 29 June 1764. He died in 1832 in Scotland. He married Christian BEVERIDGE (born 19 September 1764 in Scotland). In the same generation, George BEVERIDGE of Scotland (born 8 January 1753) married Janet MUIR (born 3 April 1753). They had daughter Janet BEVERIDGE (born 27 September 1787 in Scotland) who married the sone of Walter and Christian, David G. MUIR (born 17 August 1790 in Scotland, and who died there in 1865). David and Janet had sons Walter and George, who came to Philidelphia....

Send your suggestions! Send your files!

Look what I received in August 2002 in an email:
"Hi, Kathie.... I came across your Richards info on the net....Hardman M. Richards is among the family listed there. I imagine he is the same Hardman Richards who murdered my grt-grt-grt grandfather, Dr. John F. Williams, with an axe during a boundary dispute in the 1860's. The event is vividly portrayed in the Bellefonte (Centre County) newspaper of the day, the "Democratic Watchman"!"
Written by Bruce Williams.
Has anyone seen this newspaper reference?

Home page last updated: 12/3/2007

NEWs, NEWs, NEWs...

1. Nana (Pearl Richards Austin), 1913 - 2002 had a fall September 12, 2000 and broke her left leg. Nana passed into the hereafter about 10:30 AM on Monday, September 16, 2002 at the Heritage Center in Huntington, WV. A visitation and service were held in Henderson, WV at the Church of Christ building on Thursday, September 19th and she was interned beside her husband Lyle L. Austin in the Austin-Hope-McCloud cemetary. Finally, in August 2004, we had her death date enscribed on the monument.
This photo was taken in March or April, 2001 by Susan Evans and her son TJ when they visited with Nana.

2. John Muir (Jackie Halper's Dad and Nana's 1st cousin) died Sunday, September 8, 2002 at 5:30 pm at the Mariner Rehab Center near Bel Air, Md. He would have been 90 years old December, 2002. He died suddenly of a heart attack. His funeral was Saturday, September 14, 2002 and he was buried beside his wife at the Bel Air Memorial Gardens in Bel Air, Md.

3. Aunt Jan (Florance Janet Richards Keller - an Army nurse during WWII, a mother, a wife, a sister, a devout Catholic), passed away March 30, 2002 in AZ.

4. Harry Richards (my Nana's youngest sibling) born June 14, died Feb. 14, 2001.

5. Nana's dear friend Imogene McEachern passed away on March 12, 2002.

6. Our famous cousins Bill and Judy are at it again --- Judy writes: "After hearing from Ron Howard Productions - TEXIA- last week about doing props for his new movie, this evening we have our first order for the thing, the usual 2's of this & that to see what they really want to use in quantity. The movie will be THE ALAMO, and is being filmed on location in Dripping Springs, TX, somewhere near the real one. We may not be rich, but our reputation for making a quality "tin cup" among other things is giving us a fun life. " -- WAY TO GO JUDY & BILL! (They have provided realistic period props for many Hollywood movies now).

7. Richard Austin, son of Pearl & my father, has his own web site for his cuneiform translation project - link below. He has had it translated into many languages. Dad finished a manuscript which he would like to publish. The setting for his story is the 1950s in rural, farming country in WV. Dad lives in Tennessee now. I visited him briefly this past summer (2007) while driving out to a friend's retirement ceremony in IL.

9. On December 17, 1999, Judy, a Richards/Muir decendent, and her husband Bill, went to the White House for a special holiday tour (they were INVITED) and reception for the artisans whoe unique artwork hung on the Blue Room Christmas Tree! Bill had made some "period" lights from tin!
Judy & Bill have a web site for their tinsmithing products. Visit the link below.

10. I had a house guest for 2 months during the fall of 2000 - Didier Feller from Belgium. Photo of Didier and the Boys here. This is the space in PetsMart where I stand and promote Nutro dog and cat foods (
Didier left me here in Raleigh - see the photo of our adieu at RDU! (December 2000) Didier and his wife now have a baby son (born July 2007) named Elliott.

Link to a sheet of family, friends & other photos & news.

An April 2000 photo of my boys and me. You can see The Boys : Zach (the Packer Backer), Bud & Tartuffe! Here is an older photo of Santa Paws, the Boys and me (November 1998).

Here is a photo of my boys and my house we purchased in May 2000! HOUSE

My Bud had prostrate cancer. Euthanized Monday evening, February 10, 2003 at the NC State Vet School. He was cremated.

Tartuffe was born March 16 (1989). Here is a portrait of the boy taken at Petsmart in July 2003. Tartuffe, the Perfect One. Tartuffe didn't make it to his 16th birthday (respirtory distress; January 2005). He too was creamated.

Zach is 10 now (April 1997). He has been joined by Max (as of June 2006) and Blond-e (as of August 2007).

This is a photo of my sister Mary, cousin Art Austin, and father Richard Austin taken in Nashville, TN in July 2007.

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