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Phoenix Festival 96

Superb festival, nightmare traffic queues and the debut of our giant Y-fronts flag.

Bands that got the Y-front treatment at Phoenix included Terrorvision, The Sex Pistols (Johnny Rotten mentioned our pants, he said "I see you've got my pants...right fucking size anyway")

If you've got the TV coverage of the festival from the BBC, check out the Sex Pistols and Terrorvision bits for a glimpse of our mighty pants.

We were interviewed by local TV stations and by Canadian TV. The sight of a Canadian TV presenter running from us at 2 in the morning with about 10 of us chasing afer him shouting "show us your pants", closely followed by the camera man was hysterical. What I'd give to see a video of that TV footage


Picture of our y-fronts at Phoenix 96 taken by Philippa Hollingworth

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