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This page will no longer be Social Enemy's Metal Zone

Well, here is the story for everyone who wants to hear it. Since angelfire wanted to f u c k with me and p i s s me off, I decided I was probably going to just give up on homepages because I didn't know if anyother servers would do the same s h i t, but so many people have emailed me about it that I figured letting this many people down would be a f u c king shame so I started searching for a new server. Eventually I found one from a recommendation by a friend. So I am now starting a new Metal zone. The server is going to be Stormpages. The only thing I don't like about this server (which you guys may also not like) is that it requires that each page have at least one ad which keeps the server free because some morons actually visit those sponsors. Now it wouldn't be that bad except that these ads almost NEVER have anything to do with my site, so here is my recommendation, click on the minimize button of the ad ao it goes down and stays down, then when you finish looking at my page close the window. anyway, I'm just starting on this new page so it's not ready yet. If you would like to know when it is ready, please email me at this email address and I will send you a monthly email that contains updates on my page (and it also contains some other cool shit) Just be sure that if you send me an email to tell me your email address so I can send you that email.