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In many ways, Pike County is a fisherman's paradise because Pike County has it all !   Want to go trout fishing?  Pike County offers you many choices --- stream or lake?  stocked or wild?  catch and release or catch and keep?  easy access or remote and rugged?  brook, brown, rainbow, or a little of each?  If bass is more your game --- largemouth or smallmouth?  lake, river, or pond?  shore, small craft, or high powered bass boat?  Maybe you like your fish with a little bite to them.  There are walleye, pickerel, and muskieKids will enjoy Pike County's plethora of panfish.  And, for those of you who only want ocean species there are land locked striped bass in Lake Wallenpaupack and the Delaware River, ocean run striped bass also in the Delaware River, and our world famous shad run each spring!  Few other places offer the variety of fishing found in Pike County.

This page is intended to inform both visitors and residents of the wide range of fishing found throughout the County and to serve as a guide in locating places to fish.  Words that are typed in black and underlined are links to separate pages or websites related to the subject matter.

Licenses and Regulations

Like every other state, Pennsylvania regulates and licenses anglers.  The regulations apply to all anglers whether fishing in public or private waters.  To review the state regulations, visit the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission website.

Public, Semi-Public, or Private?

Pike County's waters can be classified into 3 basic categories:

Public Waters

These are lakes and streams that are partially or entirely surrounded by public land or land that is open to public fishing.  In some cases, notably Fairview Lake and Greeley Lake, the public access is limited to a very small boat launch.  However, once launched, the boat angler has the run of the lake.

Semi - Public Waters

Many lakes, ponds, and streams are found in private communities.  While the waters are closed to fishing to the general public, they are open to the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of community residents and their guests.  Many of these waters are under-fished and often grow trophy sized fish.  Anglers wishing to fish these waters should make friends with community members.    Remember --- unless you are a member or guest of a community member, fishing these waters is considered trespassing and is also a violation of the fishing regulations.

Private Waters

These waters are owned by private individuals, corporations, and sporting clubs.  Fishing is prohibited except by permission of the owner.  As access is rare to members of the public, we will discuss them only when necessary on this web site.


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