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Poison Elves

Anything having to do with Poison Elves © on this page is copyrighted by the artistic/literary genius that is Drew Hayes, and is published by SIRIUS Entertainment Inc. Oh yeah, and I have permission.

Updated October 26, 1999

The Great One made me a picture of Lusiphur out of the kindness and goodness of his heart. Click here to see a new Drew Hayes Original and it's ALL MINE!! heh.

This site hasn't been updated in a good long while and I'm slowly trying to rectify that. So, please be patient if some things seem a little...funny...So far, I have updated to #40...only nine more to go.

www.poisonelves.com is getting a facelift as we speak. Bob, the webmaster, and I are combining our Herculean might to reorganize and revamp things...

For those of you who may not know, I was the writer who did the Dream Narrative in issue #30. I feel I have reached a whole new level of coolness. Alright alright. Enough of this "blowing my own horn" stuff. But anyway, if you want to read the story as it was originally written, click here to check it out.

As far as I know the address for submitting letters at DeathThrts@aol.com is still up, but considering how long Drew has made us go without a DEATHTHREATS page, don't hold your breath.
Don't leave till you drop a few lines on the guest book located on the Links page!!


Even though Poison Elves is the continuing gritty saga of an elvin assassin trying to survive in a chaotic world, you have to admit some situations can be pretty amusing. I often find myself laughing out loud when a character makes an unusually pithy or comic remark. Sometimes these "one-liners" derive their humor from the situations they're in, and sometimes they can stand alone. Either way, this page is devoted to to those moments when anyone has said, "Man, that's a good one!"

The quotes herein are pretty much in order by issue and I have indicated these in the parenthesis after each. (M=Mulehide, S=Sirius) Since I admit I'm missing some issues, I welcome any additions you may have. E-Mail me at my NEW address: PsnElvs@aol.com or Addarra@aol.com, and I'll continue to add as many as I can get.

Before we move on I would like to thank Bob Soulliere, benevolent internet deity, for all his help. Bob is the driving force behind www.poisonelves.com not to mention the Mail Master for the Poison Elves Mailing list. We all owe him muchly! When you're done here, go check out the huge www site! It's worth the trip. (still under construction)

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