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Our Pastor:
Dave Caudle has ministered at Calvary Chapel of the Palouse (Formerly Palouse Community Chapel) since 1991 and became our Pastor in 1993. He became a Calvary Chapel affiliate Pastor in August of 2003. He holds a bachelor of arts degree from Huntington College, Indiana; majoring in Bible and religion. He was ordained in 1982. He married his wife, Sis, in 1973. Together they have four children. David, Mark , Dove, and Tiffanie.

In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing, and motorcycles. Dave also ministers periodically in Spokane with the street ministry team, "The Soul Patrol" and administrates two prison ministries in the area.

Sis manages an espresso shop in Moscow, ID; teaches our women's Bible study, and blesses us with her smile!


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