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Sumer, the Romans, all the way to the Vietnam war. You ve come to the BEST place on the web to find things out! Home Page Home Page | Story Page SiliconWorld.com What YOU want to know The BEST Place to Find Out! History Subjects Fun Stuff Music Favs E-mail Me! Credits Best on the web! Good Fair Poor Rate my site! The Official History Subjects Page Back The Funniest Joke By Ehren Listen up, here s the story, about 3 guys who lived in a blue world,  till one day they decided that they would move and get married. The guys names were, Shut Up None Of Your Beeswax And Trouble. As soon as they got out of college, they decided they would leave and go to the big city. Finally the day came. They got their tickets and got on the plane to leave. While they were on the plane, Trouble said,  I heard that if you drop something out of the plane, you would get good luck! So they consented with themselves what they should drop. Shut dropped a quarter out the airplane window. None dropped a nickel out of the window. Trouble, on the other hand, dropped a bomb. So when they landed, and came through customs, they went out to get their rental car. On their way to the hotel, they passed by an ambulance blocking the road. They got out and asked the official what had happened. The official said,  Well, a quarter fell out of the sky and broke this little girls neck. And this boy? A nickel fell out of the sky and gave him a concussion,  Oh. the trio said. After a while, they saw a house on fire. The fire truck that was putting out the fire was blocking the road. So they got out and asked a little boy laughing really hard what had happened. He answered, giggling,  My dad farted and the house blew up! They took a detour and were soon out on the highway. Trouble, who was always mischievous, was not wearing a seatbelt. He was also riding with the window down. Those two things don t match. So Trouble fell out of the window. Shut and None were listening to music really loud so could not hear Trouble s cry for help. Shut was speeding and soon they were pulled over by a policeman. The officer asked Shut,  What s your name? Shut answered  Shut Up. The policeman asked again,  What s your name? If you talk that way again I ll put you in my car. So Shut answered,  Shut Up.  That s it! yelled the officer,  Into my car. So Shut had to get into his car. Then the policeman asked None,  What s your name?  None Of Your Beeswax. The policeman asked again,  What s your name? And what s your friends name? None thought about this and said,  To answer your first question, None Of Your Beeswax, and secondly, Shut Up. So the officer put None into his car and drove to headquarters. He took them to the chief of police, and he asked,  What s your names?  Shut Up and None Of Your Beeswax. they said. Then the police chief asked,  Are you guys looking for trouble? Shut answered,  Yes, he fell out of the window while we were driving. After everything was sorted out, and they found Trouble, they went on their way. After refreshing themselves, they decided to go to a Broadway show. Once they got there, they saw the title was NOT what they had been hoping for. But Trouble really wanted to see this show so they bought some tickets and sat down to see the show. Once the man came out, everyone cheered. Then the act started. The man on stage said,  Welcome Ladies and Jellyspoons! I come before you to step behind you to tell you something I know nothing about. This Thursday will be Good Friday and there will be a Fathers day meeting for mothers only. Thank you for your rudeness and unkindness and we will begin our next act: The Four Corners of the round table! Everybody cheered. At the show None, Shut sand Trouble saw some girls. They went out and fell in love. None wanted to get married right away but he had to ask his dad a question. So he called dad up on the phone and asked,  Hey Dad, I am going to get married, and I was wondering, you know how my feet stink? How can I stop that?  By never taking your socks off, that s how! And good luck! said dad. So None went and asked to get married. She said sure, but just wait. She went home, and called up her mom. She asked,  Hey, Mom. I was wondering, you know my breath problem? How could I get rid of it?  Don t talk in the morning, go straight to the bathroom and brush your teeth. And good luck! So she went back to None s house and said,  Let s get married! And they did! Everything went along smoothly until one fateful night. None lost his sock in the blankets! Oh no, he thought, if she wakes up and smells me, it s over! So he tries to find his sock, but he is to late! She woke up and said,  What is it, honey? None fell back, astonished and exclaimed,  Oh my gosh! You swallowed my sock! Meanwhile, Trouble had been dating. But they did not get married, yet. One night, when Trouble came home from dating, he heard  Thump, Thump, Thump like someone was following him. He whirled around. He saw a coffin following him.  It s nothing but the light. he said. And he began walking. But the coffin still followed him. He started to run. Still,  Thump, Thump, Thump He finally got to his house. But he couldn t find his key!  Thump, Thump, Thump Trouble found his key, unlocked the door and ran inside, locking the door behind him. He heard,  Thump, Thump, Thump, CRASH! There went the door. Trouble ran to the bathroom, locked that door, too. He heard,  Thump, Thump, Thump, CRASH! There went the bathroom door. Trouble started to walk back, but the, he hit the sink! No where to go! He looked wildly for something to throw. All there was was a box of cough drops. So he threw that. And then, the coughin stopped.  Phew! said Trouble. And he went to bed. Another night, when Trouble came back from dating, he walked by a cemetery. He heard a strange music coming from on of the graves. He went to find Shut, who had studied music and the great composers at college. He said,  I don t know what it is, but it sounds like Beethoven s Ninth Symphony being played backwards. They went to get some more music experts. They could not find any explanation for the music. But now it was the Fifth Symphony being played backwards. They went to find some more music people. They STILL couldn t find any logical explanation for the music. Now it was the First Symphony being played backwards. So they decided to get the Cemetery-keeper. When he looked at the gravestone, he said,  Well, duh, its just Beethoven de-composing. After they all went home, Trouble said,  I know what we should do! We should go and sight see, you know, just the three of us! So they did. They went to a group of mountains, somewhere in the southern Rockies, to go sight seeing. On one mountain peak, they saw a sign that said,  Try Your Luck! If you drop your watch of the edge and catch it before it falls to the ground, you will be rewarded with $5,000,000!  Okay! said Trouble.  Let s try! So they hiked up the mountain to try. None dropped his watch of the side but he only got 10 steps down the mountain before his watch dropped to the ground. Shut dropped his, but he only got 5 steps down the mountain before his watch broke. Trouble dropped his watch of the edge and ran down the mountain. He also bought lunch for everybody, then went to the base of the mountain and caught his watch. He then went to the officials office and collected his five million. As they were walking away, Shut and None asked,  How did you do that? Trouble answered,  My watch is 30 minutes slow. Then they traveled to the next mountain, were they saw another sign. It said,  Step right up, and throw yourselves of the mountain! If you wish a wish of what you want to be, you will turn into it! But be sure of one thing, be sure you wish for something with a parachute! They decided to try it. None prepared himself, and jumped off the mountain. Quickly he wished what he wanted to be and he turned into it! (With a parachute!) Shut also tried, and he turned into it too! Trouble, on the other hand, jumped off, but when he was going to say what he wanted to be, he couldn t remember! Without thinking he said,  Oh crap! And he turned into a pile of crap. At the bottom of the mountain, None and Shut scraped Trouble into a plastic bag and continued on there way. On the way to the car, they passed by a field of frogs. None said,  I ll give you $5 if you ll eat five frogs. Shut said,  Sure! And he ate five frogs. After a while, Shut said,  I bet you five dollars you can t eat five frogs! And None said,  I ll eat five frogs! And he did. They continued walking, and after a while they looked at each other and said,  Why did we eat these frogs? (editors note- if you do not get this joke try reading it again) Well, it turned out that the wishes the trio made did not last long, and soon they were back to their old self. Trouble wanted to get married. He did and the couple were happy. Until one night, Trouble s wife was out getting some things at the store, and she had thought that Trouble was going out with other girls while she was out. So she called home and a maid answered the phone. She said,  I didn t know we had a maid! The maid said,  Well, I m new.  Oh, okay. Could you do me a favor?  Sure, whatever you want.  Go into the masters bedroom and tell me who is in it.  Okay, She heard the maid put down the phone and walk away. Then she heard the maid coming back and the maid said,  The master is in his bedroom with someone who I think is his wife. Trouble s wife got really angry and said,  Go into the kitchen drawer and get the pistol that is in there, and shoot the creep and the creep beside him! The maid paused, put down the phone and walked to the kitchen, took out the gun from the drawer, and walked upstairs. Trouble s wife then heard two gunshots, then the footsteps of the maid coming back downstairs. The maid said,  What shall I do with the bodies?  Throw them into the swimming pool. The maid said,  We don t have a swimming pool. Then it dawned on her, and Trouble s wife said,  Excuse me, but is this 555-9901? Mean while, at Shut s house, Shut had bought a parrot. The parrot was really rude, swearing and cussing everybody who walked by, until Shut s wife got so angry that she threatened to cover his cage, but he still was rude. So she covered his cage but that still didn t stop him! He kept right on being rude. Shut got so angry that he said to the parrot,  That s it! You are going to sit in the freezer and think about what you are doing and when you think you can behave you can come out. So the parrot went into the freezer. After a while, the parrot screamed,  Let me out, let me out! Shut went and took the parrot out. Shut said,  What made you change your mind? Did you learn your lesson?  I ll answer that later. First tell me what happened to the chicken? None was having bird trouble too. One day, while he was out for a drive, None saw a three legged chicken walking down the road. None went 30 miles per hour, and the chicken went 30. None went 60, and the chicken went 60 miles per hour. None came up to the farm that had all the three-legged chickens. None told the farmer,  Wow, I never saw a three legged chicken before! The farmer said,  Yeah, My wife and kids like to eat the drumsticks. One problem, though.  What?  We can never catch them. Shut and None decided to go back to college to learn more. So they packed up, said goodbye to their wives, and left. One day, when they were at the college, Shut locked his keys in the car! None said,  Oh no, you locked your keys in the car, how will we ever get to class?  We could get a coat hanger.  No, said None,  people would think we were breaking into the car. Do you have an extra set of keys?  No. said Shut.  Well, we have to do something, it s going to rain and the sunroof is open. 4 years went by and None and Shut were going to graduate from college. The professor asked None to come into his office. The professor asked him,  What would happen if I took out one of your eyes?  I would be half blind.  Correct. said the professor.  What would happen if I took out both of your eyes?  I would be all blind.  Correct, you pass the graduation test. None walked out of the office really happy. None said to Shut,  The answers are half blind and all blind. Good luck! So Shut went into the professor s office and the professor asked,  What would happen if I cut off one of your ears?  I would be half blind. The professor scratched his head, and said,  What would happen if I cut off both ears?  I would be all blind. said Shut. Shut saw that the professor was puzzled at this, and he said,  If you cut off both of my ears my hat would fall over my eyes. So Shut graduated from college as well, and Shut and None and Trouble s ghost lived happily ever after, because they had found what they had seeked. The End The Funniest Joke Sonic and Knuckles Also I have some things about my favorite pop group, Eiffel 65. And I have a VERY long joke I have written. (actually, it is 14 jokes!) And I have cheats and hints of my favorite game, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. three-legged chickens. None told the farmer,  Wow, I never saw a three legged chicken before! The farmer said,  Yeah, My wife and kids like to eat the drumsticks. One problem, though.  What?  We can never catch them. 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