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MSWLOGO in Geneva

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Here you will find some programs from the french version of MSWLOGO that could be usefull for all users.

That's why they have been translated to be runed on the standard MSWLOGO.


To download a file:
Use 'Save as' option of your browser.
With Netscape (on PC) , press shift while clicking a link, then choose your logo directory and change .html into .lgo.

A tool for creating buttons, listboxes and so on ... in MSWLOGO Screen.
This is an example of the new interation between users and the tool.
Using buttons dialog boxes and selection by the mouse, this program let easily create interface pieces in the Mswlogo Screen. After creating a piece , you get the corresponding command in the Commander to paste it in a procedure, or modified it to create something else.

Object Oriented Programming 
A file to put in your logolib directory. It will enable you to use MSWLOGO as an Object Oriented Language, creating objects with methods and use heritage of properties.


Example of activity with buttons, the game Tic Tac Toe