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Egbert the Scholar's Molespeech/English English/Molespeech Dictionary and Translator

I have found around 200 Molespeech Words so far, and I'm still looking for more!

A concise dictionary and translator for Redwall fans.
Also available at:

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Download the molespeech word translator. (60.1 K)
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11/17/99 - Site under renovation angelfire finally did some much needed changes.

09/24/99 - 54 different midis, and new options! one more thing left for me to do!

07/14/99 - New option for frames!

06/23/99 - Now background music should work for all browsers!! Also I'll be putting more music in later

06/15/99 - Sorry computer was down, I'll be making a bunch of changes soon.

05/30/99 - New layout of stuff in the frames page, check it out! also the scrolling on the status bar is now a marquee.

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