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Herbs are a product of nature. They have been around for thousands of years. Herbs are used for many different thing, for toppings on foods,magical purposes,drying them and making crafts and for bath oils...the list goes on.. You can grow herbs, either in your garden, or inside the house.

Here are a list of some herbs


Basil- Is ruled by Mars and is associated with the sign Scorpio. Magically Basil is used for love,wealth,exorcism and protection. Carrying basil in your pocket attracts wealth.

Bay-Is ruled by the Sun and was sacred to the Greek sun-god,Apollo.Bay is a powerful magical protectant,used in purification rites,strength,prophecy and healing. Keep bay leaves with you to give you prowess during sporting events and to ward off negativity.Write a wish on a bay leaf and then burn it with power.

Cedar-Is a good herb to speed healing. When hung in the home, the cedar guards the adobe against direct lightning strikes.

Chamomile-Is ruled by the Sun. It is relaxing, good for morning sickness,nausea,digestive problems and urinary infections. Magically it is used for love,sleep,purification and money. Washing your hands in a mixture of Chamomile is said to attract luck when gambling.

Dragon's Blood- This herb is used in love magic.It is also crushed and mixed with salt for protection.

Frankincense-Is burned to purify the home,protective rituals and to instill spirituality.

Garlic-Is a powerful magical protectant.To purify a home, cloves of garlic can be placed throughout the home overnight and then discarded the following morning, to remove disturbing energies. A whole garlic bulb can also be placed in the home to guard against unwanted intrusions and theft.

Juniper-Juniper berries are added to health and healing mixtures, are scattered in the home for protection, are carried to guard against accidents and are burned to promote psychic awareness.

Lavender-Is ruled by Mercury.Magically, lavender is used for purification,happiness,love,protection,sleep,peace and longevity. Lavender is helpful for anything that requires clear thought,divination,study, concentration and visualisation.