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January '99 News:
Thanks to all Eve6 fans, the self titled album has sold over 1.5 million albums, and Leech has become a hit. Open Road Song will become the new single in the near future. Inside Out made over 30 appearances on the Billboard Modern Rock chart. Eve6 announces a upcomming headlining tour.

February '99 News:
Eve6 goes out on tour with Marvelous 3 and Stretch Princess, then later LIT takes over for Marvelous 3 and Stretch Princess. Eve6 made a stop by TRL on MTV with Carson Daly. Eve6 was on Modern Rock Live on February 7, 1999.

March '99 News:
Eve6 tours in Canada for a few dates, then returns to the USA to finish their first headlining tour. Max was sick with bronchitis and the band had to cancel a few shows. The band had a online chat with fans on Open Road Song started getting played on modern rock stations all over the USA.

April '99 News:
Eve6 appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Killborn. Eve6 played a free show in Denver, CO for charity due to the tragedy of the Columbine High School shooting.

May '99 News:
Eve6 and LIT played a pair of charity shows in West Hollywood, CA to help benefit the City of Hope Medical Center in Los Angelos. Eve6 appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman. Eve6 cancelled their tour dates for Europe.

June '99 News:
The Open Road Song video premiered on MTV, and the video is made out of live concert footage. Eve6 played Rockfest '99 in Atlanta, GA. Plans for a summer tour with Marvelous 3 were cancelled due to more illness in the band.

July '99 News:
MTV aired a hour long episode all about Rockfest '99 and they included Eve6 performing live. Tony celebrates his birthday. Many new things were added to my site.

August '99 News:
Tongue Tied was released as the new single and the video premiered on MTV.  Jon and Max both celebrate their birthdays.

September '99 News:
New tour dates were announced. My site when through some changes, but nothing major.

October '99 News:
Tony sent a newsletter informing everyone that the band will start to record a new album over the winter. Eve6 played their last two shows of the year in New Orleans and Florida.

November '99 News:
My site once again went through many minor changes.

December '99 News:
Eve6 was on Modern Rock Live again, filling in for the Foo Fighters. Tongue Tied has been featured on a new video game, Test Drive 6. This Eve6 site has been up and running for over one year!

January '00 News: was launched as the official online Eve6 store. The Name the Release Date Contest started in January. Eve6 made plans to record themselves working in the studio and post various new things on their upcomming new website. My site has been up for over a year!

February '00 News:
My site went through some more minor changes.

March '00 News:
Eve6 launched their new official website,

April '00 News:
Eve6 announced some radio festivals that they will be performing at.

May '00 News:
Eve6 announced the name of their second cd, "Horrorscope". Promise began getting played on modern rock radio stations everywhere. Eve6 announced that Gabe Witcher will be playing bass with them, while they are on tour. Eve6 was on the radio show, Loveline. Eve6 announced more tour dates for the upcoming months, and they were also added to the Summersault 2000 Tour. The new Eve6 logo was added to this site, and the logo is also on the new Eve6 shirts. Eve6 will be touring with Goldfinger in July.

June '00 News:
Eve6 plans a three week tour in July with Goldfinger and Dynamite Hack. Horrorscope's release date is set back until July 25, 2000. Promise was release to radio stations and June 6, 2000. Eve6 and their fans helped film a video for Promise. Tour dates were announced for the upcoming tour with Goldfinger and Dynamite Hack. New merchandise was added to the Online Eve6 Store.

July '00 News:
Eve6 launched their new official website. The Official Eve6 Fan Club was started by Fanscape. Tony's birthday was on July 18. Eve6 held a live chat with their fans on Eve6 performed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Horrorscope was released!

August '00 News:
Eve6 lyrics, pictures, and tabs from the new CD have been added to this site. Eve6 announced tour dates in the U.S. with OPM, Good Charlotte, and Wheatus. Max and Jon had birthdays at the end of the month.

Septemeber '00 News:
Eve6 is seen on many TV shows and in many magazines. The tour with OPM, Good Charlotte, and Wheatus began. Eve6 makes it on MTV's TRL, with their hit single Promise!

October '00 News:
Eve6 released On The Roof Again as their second single off of Horrorscope. The band talks about making a live video of one of their concerts. Eve6 was on MTV's Say What Karoke, and the show Farmclub. Eve6 announced some new tour dates for the U.S. but shortly after, those plans were done away with.

November '00 News:
Eve6 made plans for a Canadian tour with the band Treble Charger. Eve6 performed on The X Show. The Eve6 Fanclub announced that members of the fanclub will be able to meet the band after the shows if club members present their Fanclub ID Card.

December '00 News:
Eve6 toured Canada with Treble Charger. KROQ, the radio station, released their annual Christmas CD, Eve6 landed a track on the CD called, First Noel. This Eve6 site passed up it's second year!

January '01 News:
Eve6 announces a new tour called "The We Suck Live Tour" starting in February, with Vast and American HiFi. I added a few new guitar tabs, and a bunch more quotes from Eve6 fans. The Official Eve6 Fan Club had a online chat with Jon. Eve6 announced that their new single, Here's To The Night, will be released in February. The band also makes plans for a video for the new single. This site recieved a new look!

February '01 News:
Eve6 made a video for their new single, Here's To The Night. Fanscape organizes a Official Street Team for all Eve6 fans to spread the word about the "We Suck Live Tour". The all new Eve6 tour got underway on Feb. 16, 2001, and continues across the U.S. for a few months! Members of the Official Eve6 Fanclub gain backstage passes after each Eve6 U.S. tour date!

March '01 News:
Eve6 announces more tour dates for the second half of the "We Suck Live Tour". Here's To The Night becomes the third single off of Horrorscope. Fanscape creates a video called "Tony's Krib", which gives Eve6 fans on the internet a chance to take a peak a Tony's house!

April '01 News:
Eve6 played at the Fan Nation concert in Irvine, CA, along with Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows, Billy Idol, and Uncle Kracker. The second half of the "We Suck Live Tour" began in Atlanta, GA, & Lucky Boys Confusion opened up most of the shows for Eve6. The Here's to the Night video was available online so that Eve6 fans can check the video out online first. On Monday, April 30, Eve6 performed on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno.

May '01 News:
Eve6 announces plans for the upcoming Bon Jovi tour in July! Eve6 invades TRL with their new video for Here's to the Night, as it climbed all the way up to #3!

June '01 News:
H broadcasts a 24 hour webcast of a past concert at the House of Blues in Chicago. Eve6 appears on MTV several times on the show, "Say What Karoke?". Eve6 payed a visit to the famous TRL studio in NYC! Here's to the Night continues to invade the TRL countdown!

July '01 News:
The Here's to the Night video continues to stick around the TRL Top 10 countdown with only 15 days left until retirement! Tony celebrated his 23rd birthday on July 18, 2001! On Monday, July 23, Eve6 performed Here's to the Night live on TRL! Eve6 was apart of MTV's All Access week, in which the new version of the Here's to the Night video was released! This website passed over 50,000 visitors! At the end of the month, Eve6 ended their AMAZING tour with Bon Jovi!
August '01-March'03 News:
Eve6 news has been pretty low key due to their hard working efforts in the recording studio.  Although this site hasn't been very active recently, it is still running for what has now been over 4 years!
April '03 News:
Eve6 played the Earth Day Festival in Orange County on April 19.  The band announces that the new CD, "It's All in Your Head", is finished and will be released in the summer of 2003!
May '03 News:
The Official Eve6 website launched a new version.  This website also received a new look as well! released an article from an interview with Eve6, which talks about the new CD, "It's All in Your Head."  The new single, "Think Twice", begins to hit the air waves.

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