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Viking Boat Displays

(left and right) Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Hickok and Senator Rhoades honor the boat.

(left and right) Boat is transported to the First National Bank.

(left) Boat on display at the bank. (right) Boat on display at Penn State University.

(left) PSU conference participants listen to boat's history. (right) PSU conference sailing at Bald Eagle State Park.

(left and right) Boat on display at the Siena College Renaissance Faire.

(left and right) Boat on display at the Lebanon Valley College Spring Arts 2001 Festival.

(left and right) Boat being moved from the boat barn for the final time.

(left and right) Boat is loaded on a truck for the Seattle trip.

(left) The boat departs from the school.(right) Boat builders, Alcoa and Billig representatives pose for final picture as the boat heads to Seattle.