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Pictures Building The Viking Boat

(left) Jenna and Jason during the lofting process. (right) Jenna and Jason holding the french curve they made in order to loft the boat.

(left) Denny making the keel while Mr. Lutkus, Luke, and Matt watch. (right) Jordan and Jared in the process of making the oars.

(left) T.J. Doyle carving the boat head. (right) Ed Moran rounding the oar handle.

(left) Ryan Murphy and Denny Reichert building scarfing. (right) Denny Reichert cutting ribs.

(left) Matt Donlin in the process of the keel end piece assembly. (right) Mr. Lutkus and Matt Donlin finishing the keel end piece assembly.

(left) The final keel assembly with ribs. (right) Jessie and Sara sanding down the keel.

(left) Setting up steaming equipment. (right) Mr. Lutkus boiling water for steaming.

(left) Water in steaming assembly. (right) Garboard being steamed.

(left and right) More pictures of the garboard being bent into keel.

(left and right) Attaching the garboard to the keel.

(left) Attaching second course to keel. (right) Drilling holes for rivets.

(left) Hammering in rivets. (right) Finished second course.

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