April 21, 2014
NL Game 17

Rays (New Spring Capital)   5
Orioles (Media Dental)   3



A pitcher duel was brewing as the Orioles battled the Rays. In a game that saw 1 run in 3 innings, the pitching was excellent. Orioles starter Chase Nangle hurled three shutout innings and made a nice catch to close out his final inning on the hill. The Rays, fresh off the sting of a 6th inning loss to the mighty 1st place Cardinals, were looking to get a first win.

The Orioles struck first in the second with 3 consecutive walks. The starting Rays pitcher was pulled for reaching the pitch limit. Gavin McConnell scored the lone run in the first three innings when Matt Hamilton walked him in. The next batter grounded back to the mound and the runner at third was forced out at home with Chris Dolan making a fine 1-3 catch for the force at home. 2 K’s ended the inning.

In the fourth, the Orioles bats were smoking. Alex Maillie and Blayke Reid hit hard shots to the infield. However, the Rays made the put-outs at first in the 4th inning -- second base to first base and short stop to first base.

At 1-0 Orioles after 3-1/2 inning, the Rays mounted a comeback. After a few, Sean O’Shea delivered an outfield bomb for a Grand Slam.

The 5-1 lead was tested in the 5th as Jakob Koenig singled and stole two bases. Liam Doyle followed with a single. Charlie Kellogg doubled plating 2 and cutting the game to 5-3. After a steal, Sean O'Shea buckled down and struck out two to end the side.

With the sun setting, the teams played the bottom ½ of the inning and called it a night.

Pitch Counts:
     Hollinger – 47 to start last batter 53 total
     Zilch – 48
     O’Shea – 17

     Chase Nangle – 74 to start last batter 76 total
     Alex – 34
     Matt Hamilton – 45